The annual Natural Products Expo West is the biggest expo of its kind on the West Coast, and exhibitors are eager to book their spot for this show. Whether you want to book a spot for the upcoming show or in the future, Cardinal has everything you need to know about planning your expo experience in Anaheim, California. 


Why Exhibit at Natural Products West?

Natural Products Expo West is one of the biggest expos of its kind in North America. In 2018 alone, the expo saw over 85,000 attendees and hosted over 3,000 companies as exhibitors. If you’re in the natural products industry but on the fence about exhibiting, consider some of the incredible benefits that trade show exhibitors can experience:


Gain Fresh Perspectives

Trade shows are all about displaying the latest and greatest advancements and trends in any industry, and Natural Products West is no exception to this rule. Exhibitors can especially benefit from experiencing the wide variety of products and services on display at expos such as this one; the creativity that abounds in trade show displays can kickstart your creativity, inspiring you to develop new ideas for your own business’ branding, messaging, or products. 

Expand Your Network

In any business, networking is essential—the more genuine connections one can build within their market, the more they open their business up to unexpected opportunities for growth and success. Trade shows are a great way to meet other leaders within your industry, make contact with clients both new and old, and put your strongest work on display for an enthusiastic audience of potential customers. When you follow-up with meaningful leads you generate on the trade show floor, you could turn a one-time interaction into an ongoing partnership that both sides can benefit greatly from.  

Engage in Unique Marketing Opportunities

Trade show marketing is incredibly unique. Unlike the Internet, where algorithms and search trends help determine what audiences are exposed to, trade shows showcase hundreds or thousands of businesses all at once. Capturing an audience’s attention in a large, exciting environment such as a packed convention center means that exhibitors can truly pull out all the stops when it comes to their marketing techniques. Between swag bags and raffles, displays that integrate video elements or eye-catching lighting, or even double-deck booth complexes, exhibitors have an exciting array of ways to market themselves on the trade show floor, as compared to more traditional advertising spaces. 

Exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West: 3 Tips for Success

At a major trade show such as Natural Products Expo West, it’s critical to configure your booth to capture attention quickly, and showcase your products and services in the best light possible. Interested exhibitors should familiarize themselves with the show’s floorplan, understand their business’ needs on the show floor, and thoroughly prepare their expo teams for the exhibiting experience. 


Analyze the Floorplan

One of the best resources the expo provides is a detailed map of the Anaheim Convention Center and how exhibitors at this show will be organized. When considering where to book your booth space, it will be best to pick your business category so customers interested in your service will have a simple time finding you.

The next step is scouting out a prime location for your booth. Potential exhibitors would do well to keep an eye on locations near bathrooms, food stalls, major displays, and hallway junctures, since these areas will be hotspots for foot traffic throughout the exhibition. For example, when looking at the map layout for 2022, the spots by the entrances and exits are likely the first to be booked, since these are high traffic areas of the show floor. In Hall B, there are a number of booths lined up by the food service area, as well. 


Prioritize Your Business’ Needs

No two businesses are alike, and neither are any two trade show booths! At large expos like Natural Products West, you’ll find a wide variety of booth sizes, styles, and purposes representing businesses all across the natural products industry. When dreaming up your ultimate trade show booth for this show, you want to prioritize your business’ specific needs and goals on the trade show floor. The following questions can be a good starting place for considering what your trade show booth should look like for this show:

  • What is your budget for this trade show?
  • Is it better for your business to buy or rent out a trade show display?
  • How do you want your booth to function best: as a place for sit-down discussions, a space for product display and demonstrations, a mix of both, etc.?

Learning from and partnering with a trade show service provider like Cardinal Expo can help you navigate these questions with ease and confidence. 


Prep Your Team

A prepared expo team can make all the difference when it comes to taking full advantage of a trade show. Make sure you and your team create a plan for a few days before the show to ensure everything is packed and arrives on time and plans for during and after so your teams know what to expect. Have them study the layout map and analyze it for exhibitors you want to most connect with. Since you’ll be working the floor, you’ll likely not be able to meet everyone, so make sure you have a list of people you want to reach out to. 

Before the show, review your company’s goals for the expo, and best practices for interacting with potential clients and connections. Practice with the staff working the floor so they can rehearse what to say and be comfortable and professional while interacting with attendees. Working the floor of a trade show is hard, but it’s not impossible.

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Cardinal Expo has 30 years of experience in helping businesses showcase their best selves on the trade show floor. Our well-rounded expo services ensure that your team is prepared throughout every step of your trade show preparations. We provide onsite supervision as well, so you can be sure that there won’t be any unexpected hiccups on show day. 

From the first stages of booth design to breaking down that booth at the end of the weekend, Cardinal is there for you with our talented, experienced team. If you would like to see how we can make your next trade show experience spectacular, contact us today. 

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