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When it comes to exhibit rentals, you need to get the most out of your investment. Work with Cardinal to achieve creative, one-of-a-kind trade show display rentals that are easy on the budget.

Effortless Designs. Big Impact.

Exhibit rentals should be the best of both worlds: their design should feel effortless while still using the perfect custom touches to help you stand out from the crowd. With Cardinal, you have a broad catalog of base designs to choose from that we can customize to fit your exact branding and vision.

Don’t let your exhibit rentals fade into the background—make them come to life with Cardinal Expo.

Trade Show Display Rentals: The Cardinal Way

Starting your exhibit rental journey may seem impossible, at first. Your trade show display is the first impression your contacts, competitors, and audience will have of your business out on the expo floor. And just like trade show display rentals, no two conferences or expos are the same. If you’re exhibiting at multiple events in a given year, you want to have a good variety of display designs and setups to choose from. Beyond these concerns, you also have to consider how your booth and display elements will travel to its final destination, who will build your display, and much more.

Cardinal Expo knows just how many details go into designing and executing the exhibit rentals that are just right for your business. That’s why we offer our customers far more than the average trade show display rentals company: with our wide variety of support services throughout the entirety of the exhibiting process, we help our customers enter their expos with confidence, knowing that all the details of their appearance have been taken care of.

From booth selection and design, to logistics and on-site booth supervision, we offer our clients turnkey trade show services every step of the way. Cardinal ensures that you will have one of our expert representatives on site the day of your show, guiding you and your team to success with our display coordination.

An Impressive Range of Booth Designs, Built Just for You

Our wide variety of service offerings aren’t the only part of our business that’s impressive: Cardinal Expo’s catalog of exhibit rentals is filled with unique, highly-customizable display options for any expo experience. Whether you’re looking for a more modest 10’x10’ booth, or a show-stopping double deck display, we have the display for you. And our base designs are far from basic: with various design elements to choose from, such as larger islands or peninsulas, we can work with you to create the booth layout that best suits your needs.

Complimentary Services from Cardinal

Installation, dismantling, shipping, and logistics can be major cost burdens to exhibitors. Your exhibiting experience should be about making your business the best it can be, but these extra stressors can put a wrench in your ability to perform your best at the trade show.

Thankfully, Cardinal Expo always goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are taken care of throughout their entire trade show experience. That’s why we offer complimentary installation and dismantling services with your exhibit rental package. Along with these services, we also include freight to and from your show’s venue, as well as the coordination of all outbound and inbound shipping.

Custom Designs and Pricing for Exhibit Rentals

At Cardinal Expo, we don’t want a single piece of our work to seem cookie cutter, bland, or expected. From day one, we get to know our clients’ needs and greatest visions for their trade show display rentals. From there, we work as hard as we can to turn these concepts into a reality for you. 

And that’s not where customization ends with Cardinal Expo: along with our fully-customized trade show display rentals, we offer flexible pricing on our displays that allow you to stay totally on budget with your rental package. Whether preparing for a trade show, conference, or other professional exhibition event, we’re able to build the custom displays for you at the exact right price.

Redesign Your Exhibit Rentals As You Grow

No company stays the same forever, so why should your exhibit rentals? One of the greatest benefits of renting your trade show display is the ability to change up your booth style as you enter more shows and as your business grows.

With display rentals, as opposed to booth purchases, you have the freedom and flexibility to change up your display arrangement for every individual show, if you want. Going through a rebrand? Increasing your exhibition budget? Cardinal can work with you to switch out your display’s graphics and structural elements to meet your changing business and needs.  

Rental displays make it easy to switch gears between 10’x20’ size booths to larger, custom-sized expo displays for shows of different scopes. And because you won’t have to worry about long-term warehouse storage with a display rental, you also won’t don’t have to worry about your booths taking up storage space or about their safety when not being used, saving you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.

The Process for Trade Show Display Rentals and Exhibit Services

Working with Cardinal Expo gives you the chance to work with your own trade show team. Not only will you get to partner with our on-site supervisors and representatives, you’ll also be in contact with your own sales executive and team who take the lead on all duties related to your contract. This includes guidance in the process of choosing and designing your exhibit rental booth. Upon the approval of your exhibit rental’s design and the completion of all necessary paperwork, Cardinal gets to work building your display in our own warehouse. We custom build every booth we make, ensuring complete accuracy to the agreed upon design. 

From our warehouse, your completed booth is shipped to your trade show location, where our team will install the display. At this time, a Cardinal Expo representative will meet you at the location to confirm that your booth meets your every expectation. Any adjustments will be made, if needed.

Once the event has ended, the Cardinal Expo team will dismantle your booth, crate it, and return it to our warehouse. You don’t have to do anything with regards to those final steps: our team will take care of every last step of the process.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Exhibit Rentals

With Cardinal guiding the way, you and your team can focus on what will make your trade show experience truly special: making one-on-one connections with faces new and old. Staying prepared for everything an expo can throw your way is a challenge, but even a few key tips can help you stay afloat in the exciting atmosphere of a convention center. And remember: Cardinal is your go-to exhibition partner. We work with our clients to ensure they are familiar with the ins-and-outs of their shows, including any rules, regulations, preparations, behaviors, and etiquette they need to know.

When we say that Cardinal Expo will always go the extra mile for you, we mean it! Here are the most important pieces of advice for any exhibitor to know before their trade show experience:

  • Dress for Success: You want to show off the best version of your business, and that means dressing appropriately for your show, venue, profession, and role. Branded attire featuring your company’s logo is a great way to help build your company’s brand, as well as create visual cohesion among your team members.
  • Maintain Exquisite Etiquette: You should always treat your booth visitors as you would your dinner guests—with the utmost hospitality and respect. Allow your booth to make the strongest first impression possible, but remember that it’s up to you and your team to keep up that momentum with your professionalism and good manners.
  • Know Your Business: Be sure to know your product or service like the back of your hand, as well as the direct needs of your prospective customers, and the key details of your competitors’ offerings. Answer any questions your guests may present to you to the best of your ability. And if you’re ever uncertain of something, rope in your team members for support.
  • Communication Is Key: Remember to make eye contact and stay enthusiastic when talking with attendees and key connections. For the sake of memorable and meaningful conversation, ask your guests open-ended questions, as well. (Part of your clients knowing your business is them getting to know you.)
  • Rely on Visuals: When it comes to your presentation, provide demonstrations whenever possible. This will help your guests visualize what you are selling.
  • Follow Through with Follow Ups: Perhaps the toughest of all tips to remember is to follow-up with your connections after the event if you say you will! Take the next step to carry out any connections you made during your exhibition experience.

Count on Cardinal Expo for Your Exhibit Rentals

Cardinal takes care of your trade show display rentals and exhibition experience from start to finish. If you want to partner with us for your next expo, we’re excited to hear from you. Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with one of our expert sales representatives today.

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