10×10 Exhibit Booth Displays
10×10 exhibit booth displays are a highly versatile option for both tradeshow newcomers and veterans alike. They’re easier to move, set up, and manage, and easier on your budget as well. When designed by an experienced, creative team of professionals, you can make the most of your space and make a lasting impression with your 10×10 exhibit display.

10×10 Exhibit Booth Displays from Cardinal Expo

You don’t always need a giant showcase to make a lasting impression on audiences, and industry professionals all over the country understand the advantages of a 10×10 exhibit display. Lightweight and compact, 10×10 exhibit booth displays are one of the most portable options when it comes to trade show booths. No matter what ends up happening on the convention floor, you can save time when it comes to your booth’s construction and deconstruction, giving you more opportunities to connect with customers.

Our experts can design custom solutions for your specific trade show goals. Need space to meet with customers, display your products, or demo your services? We’ve got the right build for you. Looking for interactive displays, dynamic lighting, or video setups? It’s no problem! No matter your goals, we’ll design a cohesive, branded booth that complements your trade show strategy.

10×10 Exhibit Booth Rentals

If you’re new to the convention circuit, 10×10 exhibit booth rentals are the most affordable and straightforward way to test out your latest marketing and product strategies. They are also advantageous to larger companies that may be showing at multiple conventions at the same time. While your bigger displays can showcase at the larger expos, a smaller rental booth can represent you at trade shows in cities across the country—especially those with tighter size restrictions.

Rentals are a strategic way to test out new branding, new customer service strategies, or new products to gauge audience reaction before transitioning these techniques to a bigger show. Marketing plans change from season to season, and even between shows. Business is fast-paced, and success depends on adapting to shifting audience interests and expectations.

Another advantage to 10×10 exhibit booth rentals is that if something you test out is not effective, you haven’t invested a significant amount of capital in a purchased display or larger rental. As a result, you can easily change up the design for the next expo, making the most of any data or feedback you’ve collected.

Why Rent a 10×10 Exhibit Display?

Trade show booths come in a huge range of sizes, layouts, and designs, so it can be difficult to determine which will be the best for your business right off the bat. While your first instinct may be to invest on a one-time purchase rather than rentals, there are a number of benefits to renting 10×10 exhibit booth displays—at least when you’re getting started.


While a 10×10 exhibit display is one of the most affordable options on the trade show booth market, there are even more financial advantages to 10×10 exhibit booth rentals. Renting is often actually cheaper than buying in the long run.

For your first few conventions, it’s a wiser investment to rent out booths to ensure that your marketing and booth design is effective. If you attend fewer than four conventions a year, you’ll likely see a higher ROI with rentals than buying a booth outright.


One of the biggest benefits of 10×10 exhibit booth displays is their compact and portable structure. They are lightweight and easy to install, requiring fewer crew members to set them up. This also makes them fantastic for unconventional show settings, such as parking lots, malls, or outdoor markets.

Design Variety

10×10 exhibit booth displays are designed with variety and flexibility in mind. Due to their smaller size, exhibit designers have developed dozens of layouts so each 10×10 exhibit booth display can utilize its 100 square feet to your business’ advantage. 

Are you pitching a service to customers that can’t be put on display? Use a wall kit to showcase compelling videos, photos, or graphics. You can also add a podium to give your staff a clear place to anchor themselves, share information, and draw interested visitors.

Need to create a mini-office to have sit-downs with potential clients? Utilize your space with a front desk for information, and a table and chairs off to the side. Want to create an intimate customer setting? Strategically arrange furniture so customers can sit and test out your products.

With all these options and more, a 10×10 exhibit booth rental allows you to make the most of your booth’s size to highlight appealing visuals and product displays in an intimate, carefully curated space.

Designing 10×10 Exhibit Booth Rentals with Cardinal Expo

When you work with Cardinal Expo for your latest 10×10 exhibit display, you receive full trade show management services, including pre-show, show, and post-show. Our tried and tested production timeline ensures that you will receive all services on time, with full transparency at every step in the process.


  • Collecting Artwork & Print Graphics: Our design team can provide cohesive artwork and graphics that fit seamlessly into your style and brand standards. We can adapt any existing brand features into your display as well as print branded literature. We’re also happy to coordinate with any in-house designer at your company. 
  • Managing & Coordinating Show Services: We’re happy to manage any third-party services that must be coordinated for your booth, including lighting, water, internet, or other utilities. With Cardinal Expo, these costs are conveniently compiled into a single fee for the year, making it easy to plan your budget.
  • Building Your Exhibit In-House: Our expert fabrication team has all tools needed to construct your booth design on our premises. Our design knowledge and innovation allows us to convert your ideas from 2-D and 3-D models into beautiful and functional exhibits.
  • Overseeing Shipping Logistics to the Show Site: Our Logistics Coordinators will schedule pickup and delivery of your 10×10 exhibit display. With years of experience coordinating logistics to trade shows across the U.S., we track your crates from the moment they leave our warehouse to when they arrive at the show site.

Show Site

  • Verifying Show Services’ Quality: We quality test any and all third-party utilities before handing over control of the booth to you. By doing this, we ensure that all aspects of electrical, rigging, materials, and other show services are working up to our standards and yours. Our on-site staff make sure that your team will not run into any surprises on show day. 
  • Supervising the Installation of Your Exhibit: Cardinal provides a show site building team so that no matter how simple or complex your booth is, you can rest assured that it will be set up quickly and accurately. We make sure all aspects of your 10×10 exhibit booth rental are up and running before the event begins, with plenty of time for our staff to walk your team through the booth and all its features. 
  • Testing Media for TVs & Monitors: We test all electronic equipment that your booth needs to display its visuals, ensuring everything is functional and well-lit. We quality test any company photos, videos, and graphics to verify their quality on any monitor for clarity and readability.
  • Greeting Clients On-Site: Our on-site supervisor will meet you at your booth to give you a walk-through, go over the how-to’s of the booth, and answer any questions you may have.

Post Show

  • Supervising the Breakdown of Your Exhibit: At the end of the expo, our on-site team oversees the dismantling of your 10×10 exhibit booth display. Our experts carefully pack up each component of your booth and inventory individual pieces so that you and your team can relax after a rewarding expo experience. 
  • Coordinating Shipping Logistics Off-Site: After cataloging inventory, Cardinal will handle all aspects of shipping the display back to our warehouse for storage until your next expo. We document and photograph your booth before and after the expo to ensure the quality and integrity of the booth components. 
  • Interviewing the Client for Future Development: We want to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their Cardinal Expo experience. At the end of a show run, we conduct a follow-up interview with our clients to see how the booth played out in the field. This gives customers an opportunity to voice any concerns that may have come up with structure, design, or damages to the booth. Clients can also share any requests they may have for modifications to their 10×10 exhibit booth rental.
  • Adjusting for Last-Minute Modifications: Our airtight production deadline allows for modifications to your booth, but may require an additional fee depending on what stage of production the changes occur. You will only be charged extra after physical production of the booth begins, about 40 days out from your show.

Inventory Management

  • Assessing Graphics & Exhibit Condition: After the exhibit returns to our warehouse, quality control teams assess the condition of the booth itself as well as the quality of the graphics. By photographing the booth before it is shipped out, we can accurately keep track of any damages that the booth may take on. We then make a plan to restore the exhibit booth based on our findings and post-show interview. 
  • Maintaining Quality & Performing Restorations: Cardinal’s restoration process always occurs before the booth is put away into storage in our warehouse. After assessing the state of the booth, we record any damages or changes that must be made to restore integrity to the pieces. We keep clients informed of these restorations and record every step of the process so that our clients always know the state of their investment.
  • Storing Client Property in Our Warehouse: No matter the size, storing a trade show booth is expensive and takes up valuable space. Our complimentary storage services house fully restored exhibit booths in our extensive and organized on-site warehouse. We guarantee that your 10×10 exhibit display will be protected from the elements in this controlled environment, so it can be ready to go for the next convention.

Rent or Buy 10×10 Exhibit Booth Displays from Cardinal Expo

Cardinal Expo has decades of experience creating unique 10×10 exhibit booth displays that help our clients grow their businesses across industries. While expos are exciting networking opportunities, there is a significant amount of work required to prepare. Cardinal Expo takes the logistical and technical challenges of trade shows and conventions off your hands so that you can focus on getting your team ready for the event and making valuable connections at the show. 

Interested in Cardinal Expo’s services for your next trade show display? Have questions about our rental and design policies? Contact us below and we’d be happy to help!

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