Redefining Full-Service

A wall with a large calendar that is crowded with sticky notes
  • Experienced, critical thinking coordinators
  • Detailed communication and updates 
  • Comprehensive tracking of your product


  • Ability to navigate quick turnarounds
  • Over 26 years of tradeshow experience
  • Help with document preparation

Navigating the trade show floor can be a daunting task. Cardinal Expo Onsite Team will track the delivery of your booth and oversee the installation of your exhibit to make sure everything is ready for you and your sales team to hit the ground running at show time.

Our on-site team will:

  • Orchestrate the order of show services. (ie. Electrical first, then carpet, etc.)
  • Cross check the installation of show services to make sure they match your specs or floor plan. (ie. Electrical wiring in the correct location, hanging sign installed before your booth is built, etc.)
  • Work with the on-site team to make sure the booth is built to match your floor plan.



How does my exhibit arrive at my show or event?

Cardinal Expo logistics coordinators will schedule and track the carrier of your crates from our warehouse and along the way to its final destination.
Based on your exhibit size and complexity,

Cardinal Expo will provide on-site labor with detailed instructions and parts lists to assemble your exhibit at your show or event.

Before that can happen, we’ll monitor all of your show services and utilities to make sure they are in place and ready for the exhibit to be built.

A 20x20 booth with modern wood paneling and a minimal use of bright colors
  • Creative, collaborative designers
  • Skilled 3-D designers
  • Proven track record of innovative structures
  • Pre-flight of all client-supplied graphics to ensure quality printing
  • Extensive knowledge of 2-D and 3-D design software
  • Careful check-in and inventory of all graphics
  • Detailed spec requirements documentation
  • Innovative design solutions
Guy doing furniture fabrication

If you have an idea, Cardinal Expo’s design and fabrication team can make it happen.

If you need a solution for products or interactive elements in your exhibit, we have great ideas! Our design and fabrication team can turn any idea into a great solution for your team.



  • Custom Storage Cabinets
  • Custom Storage Walls
  • Custom Games
  • Custom Tables
  • Interactive Elements 
  • Themed Elements
  • Stands to feature products
  • Pedestals to feature oversized products
Site supervisor with team on trade show floor

Cardinal Expo takes pride in the quality of our exhibits through all stages. At your show, our onsite supervisor will work closely with labor teams to expedite a seamless build of your exhibit. The Cardinal Expo supervisor will schedule a pre-show walkthrough to highlight the features of your exhibit, such as any technology, lighting, storage, etc and will turn over the exhibit to your team. A supervisor will also return at the end of your show to dismantle, inventory and pack the exhibit back into crates for the return to our Cardinal Expo warehouse.

It’s important to document any client-owned products with your Cardinal Expo Salesperson prior to the end of the show. While many of our clients oversee the logistics of their own products, some clients prefer to enlist Cardinal Expo to assist. Proper planning and communication across all teams allow for a successful strategy to handle all moving parts to and from the trade show floor.


arehouse logistics is important

At Cardinal Expo, we provide more than just storage.

Assess Graphics /  Exhibit Condition

Maintain Quality / Restore Damage

Store Client Property in Warehouse

Inventory Assets

Search for opportunities for show-to-show cost savings

When Cardinal Expo manages your exhibit or premiums, we follow a process that tracks your exhibit when it leaves our facility and when it returns.

We document and photograph each stage and keep our clients updated on each step along the way.

This creates confidence and knowledge about your product and helps your team plan your budget for the next show.


Our management of 3rd party show site services begins well before the event. Our coordinators source all needed information and order forms, set timelines and note discount deadlines, preorder, and pay for all 3rd party show services/utilities. 


These services could include electrical, internet, lead retrieval, rigging, and material handling/drayage. Having Cardinal Expo handle these services helps ensure accuracy, reduce cost, and eliminate waste, all compiled under a single purchase order to cover the entire year.

graphic designers working on branding

Don’t have a graphic design team in house? Not to worry.

Cardinal Expo’s Design Team can provide graphic design services to create a cohesive look for your exhibit that works with any existing brand standards. We’ll meet with you to determine the goal of your exhibit and make your company look great at your event!

We can also assist with design and producing your branded print collateral for your event.

Already have your own design team in house? Great news!

Cardinal Expo will work as your partner to supply all of the details and specs that your team needs to develop branding and graphics for your exhibit. Once your graphics are complete, our team will add them to your exhibit and provide a 3-D rendering/proof before producing the final product.

We can also produce your print collateral and ship it directly with your exhibit. 

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