LED Video Wall Trade Show Booth Rentals
Bring your brand to the cutting edge of trade show tech today with a video wall trade show booth. More reliable and cost-effective than ever before, LED video walls are an exciting way to attract, entertain, and even educate your audience. With several leading LED video wall trade show products to rent or purchase, including beMatrix’s LEDskin®, Cardinal Expo can create a custom solution for your unique needs.

LED Video Wall Trade Show Booth In Action

LED Video Wall Trade Show Products Available from Cardinal Expo

In a sea of posters and static displays, the motion graphics and bright lights of an LED video wall trade show installation make a bold statement. While simple branded wall displays and static projections will always be trade show classics, it’s time to innovate. Opt for a video wall trade show booth to stand out at your next event, and see the difference for yourself!  Exhibit walls that consist of LED video are the latest and greatest display technique, combining aesthetics and functionality for maximum impact. While video walls were once price-restrictive, reserved only for large projects and the biggest budgets, they are becoming more accessible to more exhibitors. Today, this technology is not only cost-effective, but easy to use and reliable, too. With our trade show design experts, your video installation can be as flashy or sophisticated as your brand demands. No matter your style, your video wall will be sure to make an impact. With new framing and mounting options, your LED video wall trade show rental or purchase can seamlessly integrate with the rest of your booth. Expand your options beyond static displays and flat posters. Invest in a high-visibility LED video display to effortlessly draw customers to your booth.

LEDskin® beMatrix from Cardinal Expo

Push the boundaries of the video wall trade show booth even further with Cardinal Expo’s LEDskin® beMatrix offerings. The LEDskin® by beMatrix was the first LED wall to integrate a modular frame system, blending frame and infill content into a seamless whole.

Seamless Solutions

Thanks to beMatrix’s LEDskin®, the days of individual screens with exposed frames and visible mountings are over. Now, you can opt for a sleek LED video wall trade show booth, streamlining your branded visuals by transforming your whole booth into a seamless video wall. LEDskin® by beMatrix supports statement-making animation and motion graphics, transforming your booth into an immersive experience. With Cardinal Expo’s design and logistics expertise, you can combine these LED cabinets and frames to create a high-impact video display that flows directly into your stand. The LEDskin® achieves this seamless effect thanks to the modularity of its panels. Both the frame and the video panel are 62 mm, allowing them to fit seamlessly together no matter how many screens you opt for. Aluminum frames, magnetized connectors, and high-strength, low-visibility adhesive keeps everything sleek and secure, ensuring that you never have to sacrifice aesthetics or utility.


LEDskin® beMatrix screens are also extremely user-friendly, requiring simple plug-and-play installation. All you have to do is mount the tiles, connect them to your computer or video system, and then you’re ready to go! With LEDskin®’s easy-connect screens, you can move beyond traditional shapes like cubes or squares and truly express yourself. This freedom of form supports everything from dynamic mosaics to curved edges, helping you to realize your vision with ease.

High Quality

Thanks to LEDskin®’s quality guarantee, lightweight construction, and long life cycle, installing an LED video wall for trade show experiences is easier and more cost-effective than ever. When you choose the LEDskin® from beMatrix as a part of your exhibit design and trade show services from Cardinal, you’ll receive even more quality support. Our experts will design your booth, design or incorporate any graphics, coordinate shipping for all components of your booth, handle installation and dismantling of your booth at the show site, and more.

Creating Your Video Wall Trade Show Booth


To help you make the most out of your video wall trade show booth, Cardinal Expo schedules a hands-on consultation where we familiarize ourselves with your business model and your event needs. We will also discuss how you want to engage your customers with an LED video wall for trade show booths big or small, depending on your needs.

As experienced booth designers, we understand the different environments and requirements for each type of trade show. We know that automotive trade shows are vastly different from medical ones, and we can help you succeed according to your industry’s needs and expectations.


Our design experts will help you find the right layout and aesthetics for your booth, in addition to planning the integration of any video walls, lighting, seating, storage, displays, or other features. Cardinal’s in-house designers can determine what kind of LED video wall trade show booth aligns with your goals and highlights your brand story. We’re also happy to work with your existing design team to create branded graphics before our fabrication team brings your booth to life.

Exhibit Management

We offer turn-key exhibit management services to help clients through every stage of the trade show process. Not only do we design, quality-check, pack, ship, and install your video wall trade show booth so you don’t have to lift a finger, but we also take care of any third-party show services on your behalf. This means that you don’t have to worry about electrical, internet, rigging, or other services—we’ll take care of it!

Cardinal Expo has show site supervisors available from the East Coast to the West Coast to assist you on show day. Our major service areas include:


In terms of logistics, we schedule and track your LED video wall trade show components from the instant they leave our lot to the instant they return post-trade show. Our expert coordinators schedule and track the service shipping your material crates from our warehouse to the trade show, so you can rest assured that your materials will arrive at the expo on time.

Additionally, we provide on-site labor to install your exhibit as a standard service, so your booth will be put together by an experienced construction team. Forget about the stress of tracking your materials and focus on preparing your team! We take care of the logistics headaches so you can prioritize the show itself.

Show Site

We pair our high-quality exhibits with high-quality service, providing on-site supervisors to work with our labor teams to construct and dismantle your trade show booth. With our professionals monitoring the progress on the sidelines, you can rest assured that everything will be done right the first time. We also take care of inventory post-show, allowing you to decompress after a busy day.

Post Show

Cardinal Expo also covers exhibit pick-up, making sure that your LED video wall trade show booth makes it back to the warehouse quickly and safely. Our on-site team inventories, stores, and repairs any damages to your booth. We take photos of everything that comes through our doors, so you never have to worry about rogue planks or missing LEDskin® beMatrix screens.

What It’s Like to Partner with Cardinal Expo

Production Management

Cardinal Expo assigns a sales executive team to oversee your project’s management, keeping up with every aspect of production starting on day 1. We pride ourselves on our detailed communications and service updates, fast turnarounds, comprehensive shipping and tracking systems, and logistics assistance, all of which help to lighten your load and make every trade show a success.

Booth Design & Graphics Production

Designing your video wall trade show booth is easier than ever with Cardinal Expo. Collaborate with our experienced design team to create branded graphics specially formatted for an LEDskin® from beMatrix or any other video wall product, or fine-tune existing images with the help of our designers. We not only have a proven track record of producing functional and dynamic structures, but we also have extensive knowledge of 2-D and 3-D design software that we can employ to create innovative exhibit solutions. Additionally, our flexibility and receptiveness to feedback mean that you and your team remain an integral part of the booth design process.


Once you’ve collaborated with our design team to plan an LED video wall trade show booth, it’s time to bring your vision to life. Our fabrication team of expert builders can incorporate a variety of custom design elements, from interactive to themed additions.

Logistics and Shipping

After we build your LED video wall for a trade show, it’s time to ship. Our shipping and logistics coordinators schedule and track your booth crates from the warehouse to the trade show floor, whether you’re traveling across the country or across the street. We are also ready to receive your exhibit crates once they arrive at their destination, providing on-site labor for the construction of your booth.

Show Services (3rd Party)

We also manage third-party show site services. This includes setting up electrical equipment, internet access, and any other rigging before you arrive. We not only ensure accuracy by providing this set up, but also can reduce costs and waste. Our team creates timelines and deadlines to make sure your services are ordered on time and take advantage of any cost-saving opportunities.

Installation, Onsite Supervision, and Dismantling

In addition to our shipping and installation services, we also offer onsite supervision and dismantling services. We perform a pre-show walkthrough of your display to ensure the quality and safety of the booth. When the show is over, we’ll deconstruct your booth and prepare it for return shipping.

Storage and Inventory Management

Once the trade show is over, we can store your booth for future use. This is not only cost-effective, but also helps to keep your booth safe from damage. Our storage and inventory management services include a regular assessment of inventory, warehouse storage, and repair or replacement of damaged displays.

LED Video Wall Trade Show Booths from Cardinal Expo

Designing a video wall trade show booth requires precision, and Cardinal Expo’s industry experience can help you make the most of your exhibit. Our experts are here to bring years of exhibiting experience to your booth design and trade show management. To schedule a consultation with the Cardinal Expo team, contact us below!

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