How can businesses get high-quality trade show booth design on a budget? There are 5 keys to designing a dream-worthy exhibit display with your budget in mind:

  1. Break Down Trade Show Costs
  2. Know Your Booth Necessities
  3. Leverage Your Social Media Presence
  4. Rent Your Display
  5. Limit Your Branded Freebies

In this article, Cardinal Expo will outline the 5 best tips to design the best trade show booth for your business and budget.

5 Tips for Creating a Trade Show Booth Design on a Budget

Trade show exhibits allow businesses to really get creative with their branding. Double deck or large format displays are often known to take the spotlight on the show floor. However, these displays can quickly become quite expensive, and may not be the best option for businesses working with a smaller budget. 

So how can exhibitors make a statement with their trade show booth design on a budget? Follow these 5 key tips:


1. Break Down Trade Show Costs

The best way to do this is to determine a budget limit, or the maximum amount capable of being spent. After this limit is found, break down trade show funds into smaller itemized categories to determine how much can be spent on each. 

While the costs of participating in a trade show vary from show to show, EXHIBITOR Magazine provides a very general breakdown of what most exhibitors should expect their budgets to go towards:

  • Exhibiting space: 30% of budget
  • Booth staffing and travel: 14% of budget
  • Exhibit design: 17% of budget
  • Other expenses: 39% of budget

Other expenses may include booth shipping, giveaways, show services, and promotions. To help outline their budgets, many businesses use digital budgeting tools.  This allows exhibitors to create budgets that are easy to adjust as plans change, and that can also easily be shared amongst their team members.


2. Know Your Booth Necessities

Especially with trade show booth design on a budget, it’s vital to set clear goals and objectives for participating in the trade show in the first place. Objectives can guide businesses on how best to allocate their funds in terms of booth size, style, and needed promotions.

Once you’ve outlined your exhibitor expenses and booth budget, consider carefully what aspects of the trade show are essential for your business to invest in, and which can be lived without.  For example, if your primary goal at your upcoming show is to promote a new product launch, you may want to focus less on a designated sitting area and more on display shelving and other product-oriented design elements. If the goal is to make personal business connections, a smaller space with proper seating and table arrangements will help you create a more personal setting to accomplish this goal.


3. Leverage Your Social Media

Trade show booth design on a budget is all about leveraging the power of tools you already have at your disposal. That’s why social media is a key part of building up the presence of your trade show booth. Live posting on your social networks from the event is a free way to direct show-goers to your booth, especially if you include any hashtags being used for your expo within your post. 

Before the trade show, ensure all of your social media channels and the company website are updated with the latest information on your company, and fix any glitches that may interfere with user navigation. Properly managed social media channels can prove to customers the legitimacy of your business. Make sure to tell existing followers of the company’s plans to show at the convention to promote more interest in your booth. Advertise your social media channels on business cards, freebies, or even on your trade show booth. 

And don’t forget that a business’s digital profile is a second chance at a first impression—social media can help attendees and network contacts reconnect with you after the show is done.

4. Rent Your Display

When it comes to creative trade booth design on a budget, it’s usually best to rent your display. Unless businesses are regulars on the trade show circuit, paying to outright own your trade show display is much more expensive than renting. This is especially true when you factor in the costs associated with keeping a purchased booth in secure storage when it’s not in use. 

Renting trade show booths gives businesses more freedom to try different booth styles and arrangements for different shows. They can scale up or down depending on their expo purpose and budget each year. While this year a larger booth space may have been available for a great price, you may book a show next year with a booth space that’s half the size. 

With buying, there is no guarantee that the booth will work for every occasion. With renting, you can keep your trade show costs down and get even more great benefits.

5. Limit Your Branded Freebies

While freebies can be a fun way to make sure booth visitors remember your brand, you’ll want to limit your use of freebies when you’re going for trade show booth design on a budget. Even the cost of small gifts like keychains, pens, or cups can stack up fast if you aren’t careful. 

If your business budgets for freebies, consider investing in a smaller number of more valuable items to attendees who show genuine interest in your services. If you do decide to include trade show freebies, try to not make them available to every booth visitor, instead handing them out to visitors who you make a connection with, so you don’t run out of supplies too quickly.

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