If you’re concerned about efficiently managing your National Hardware Show booth cost while planning a successful exhibit, Cardinal Expo has you covered. The NHS is an enormous show, and exhibitors must bring their A game. This means maximizing your budget efficiency, catering to your audience, and creating a fun and engaging booth. Read on to learn more about performing your best at the National Hardware Show 2025.

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National Hardware Show Booth Cost: Maximizing Your Budget

One of your first concerns is determining your National Hardware Show cost to exhibit. As mentioned previously, the NHS is a large and popular show. This means that the way you look at your budget should be different for this show compared to others. Here is a rough breakdown of the costs involved and what we recommend as a starting point:

  • Exhibiting space: 10% of budget
  • Staffing and travel: 25% of budget
  • Exhibit design: 40% of budget
  • Show services (electric, internet, etc.) and premiums: 25% of budget

Our trade show booth design budget breakdown allocates 10% for your exhibiting space, 25% for staffing and travel, 40% for exhibit design, and 25% for show services and premiums.

The estimated turnout for the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas for 2025 is around 20,000 visitors and 2,800 exhibitors. This should give you an indication of how much you’ll want to budget for your National Hardware Show booth cost and other expenditures.

Big crowds often mean big buyers and opportunities, and the high exhibitor count means that there’s going to be a lot of competition. Fighting for attention is more difficult when attending a large show like the NHS, but also more rewarding. To take advantage of this show, you may want to consider spending more than you normally would for another smaller trade show. By budgeting for a bigger National Hardware Show cost, you can make more of an impact and get greater ROI.

Picking out the right exhibit booth size is a great place to get started, and Cardinal offers a wide range of customizable booth sizes, layouts, and designs. For the National Hardware Show 2025, you may want to consider something bigger, such as a 20×20 exhibit booth rental, a double deck exhibit rental, or a large and custom option. Or, if you want to take advantage of the indoor and outdoor spaces by exhibiting with multiple booths, you may want to opt for a couple smaller island exhibits instead.

Keep reading for more tips about exhibiting at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas or contact us now to discuss the right booth size for your business.

Consider Exhibiting Indoors, Outdoors, or Both

Since 2023, the National Hardware Show has had an outdoor component. The outdoors area is typically a place where attendees can go to relax, drink, eat, and, of course, check out new and exciting products. This is a great place to show off bigger and louder equipment, as well as outdoor products, such as:

  • Weed whackers
  • Lawn mowers
  • Lawn products
  • Gardening products
  • Farming and ranching machinery
  • BBQ and grilling products
  • Sporting goods
  • Other machinery

Not only that, but if you are able to have a booth indoors as well as outdoors, your brand can gain more visibility and attract more visitors. This can be especially useful if you have outdoor products to demo or display as well as products or services that might make more sense to showcase inside.

The NHS is a large show that covers a lot of ground, so it may be worth putting additional budget toward additional space and visibility in your National Hardware Show booth cost. Rather than getting one large booth, you could opt for two smaller island exhibits to make your presence feel bigger within a similar budget.

Something to consider with outdoor exhibits, however, is that they will require a higher investment in structural integrity than their indoor counterparts. For this reason, while investing in an outdoor booth location can be beneficial, you should only do so if you can take full advantage of the location.

At Cardinal Expo, we can create safe outdoor exhibition booths for the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. We can provide anything from a lightweight kiosk to a colossal structure that can fit a truck or heavy equipment under its roof.

Concentrate on Effective Booth Design

Design is more than flashy marketing materials and cool graphics. Don’t overlook the layout of your booth and how it interacts with your products, the show itself, and the attendees walking by.

Ask yourself: what are you hoping to accomplish at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas? If you need to make connections, then it’s important to have space set up to encourage visitors to talk with your staff. Such spaces should make your staff seem open and available, rather than sequestered in a corner, seated in low furniture, or busy answering emails or taking calls. Be sure to budget accordingly for your National Hardware Show cost, including exhibiting space, the exhibit itself, staff, and furniture.

​​Tables and chairs in an exhibit that encourage conversation between visitors and staff with their height and placement. Effective booth design for your goals should be a priority in your National Hardware Show booth cost.

Are you there to showcase your products? Which ones? Are you focused on best sellers or your latest line? In either case, you should focus on ensuring that those products are front and center, easily visible and accessible to anyone passing by your booth. 

The crowd will be dense, so it’s important that the show attendees can easily see your products. When budgeting for your National Hardware Show booth cost, factor in the appropriate amount of podiums, stands, and other structures to get your products above the heads of the crowd. Also consider lighting and other aspects of visual accessibility, ensuring that your booth space is well-lit with an emphasis on your products.

Cater to the Audience for the National Hardware Show 2025

As with any industry-specific trade show, the National Hardware Show 2025 is going to have a well-defined audience. Use that to your advantage!

The audience will primarily be made of construction industry professionals, builders, and other people who occupy that space. The booths these individuals like to visit are rough, loud, and hands-on. The NHS gets a wide variety of attendees in the home improvement field, including:

  • Big-box retailers
  • Online retailers
  • Building and lumber retail
  • Independent retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturer representatives
  • Store service representatives
  • Warehouses, chains, supermarkets, and drugstores
  • Product development and R&D professionals
  • Licensing professionals
  • Facility managers
  • Builders, contractors, and remodelers
  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Media and influencers

A big draw for the National Hardware Show is that attendees get to go and experience the industry’s new gadgets for themselves. According to the NHS, 83% of attendees go to see what’s new and interesting in the home improvement industry. Nearly half (48%) of attendees are responsible for purchasing decisions in multiple categories.

Have tools and other equipment out for display and use, ensure that your booth personnel are educated on the specifics of each device, and perform live demos to show how they work.

A massive exhibit featuring hardware on display and meeting spaces to talk with staff, perfect for a show like the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that your booth design and all associated marketing materials reflect the spirit of the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas and the style of experience you’re looking to create. Your marketing materials should be big, loud, and in-your-face. Getting the attention of individuals in a crowd of 20,000 people isn’t a passive affair. Your outward-facing materials should be attention-grabbing enough to make people want to stop by your booth over any of the other 2,800.

If you’re lost on incorporating design into your National Hardware Show booth cost, Cardinal Expo has you covered. Coupled with your booth rental, Cardinal Expo’s professional designers will help you perfect your booth design, creating an attention-grabbing experience sure to draw attendees from the crowd. 

Invest in Staffing

Training salespeople is a must. Competently trained, engaging, and professional staff are worth every single penny they contribute to your National Hardware Show booth cost.

There’s no point to going to a trade show with the intention of selling your products if you don’t invest in salespeople who will actually deliver. Your salespeople should be skilled in engaging with attendees, knowledgeable about your products, and, of course, good at selling.

It doesn’t stop at training, however. Ensure that your people have the tools they need to succeed:

  • Construct interactive activities that your salespeople can engage with attendees over.
  • Plan for the space and materials they’ll need to perform compelling, eye-catching demonstrations.
  • Give them opportunities to provide premiums and show-exclusive deals, and let them get to work. 

Take Advantage of New Opportunities at the National Hardware Show 2025

National Hardware Show 2025 will be the trade show’s 80th year, and it promises to be bigger than ever. Here’s what we know so far.

More Innovation

“It’s not just about showcasing the latest and greatest products and services,” said Beth Casson, Group Vice President, RX, in a recent press release. “It’s about sparking innovation, fueling collaboration, driving progress, and sharing passion that shapes the future of this industry.” This could mean:

  • Networking with Investors: Last year’s United Investors Association “NEXT” event focused on encouraging partnerships with industry innovators. We may see more events like these in 2025 to help innovators find funding.
  • High-Level Education: On PRO Education Day, NHS offers educational opportunities from some of the industry’s leading experts. The success of these sessions in 2024 suggests more to come in 2025.
  • Additional Exhibiting Categories: In 2024, NHS added 4 new categories. These additions encourage a greater diversity of products and services, contributing to more innovative solutions in the industry.
  • Industry Awards: Innovation is honored at the show through a variety of awards, including the NHPA Retailer’s Choice Awards, the NHS Most-Loved Awards, and the Rising Star Awards. This brings attention to these products and services while also sparking new ideas for others.

More Interaction

The show will reportedly continue to focus on immersive, interactive experiences. To see what this may look like at the National Hardware Show 2025, here are some examples from the 2024 show:

  • A “Pitch the Pros” session where leaders in home improvement and business gave feedback to participants who gave a pitch
  • An Executive Summit, new in 2024, which shared industry leaders’ thoughts on upcoming trends, customer behavior, supply chain logistics, and more
  • A VIP Reception for select buyers and sponsors to network in a more intimate environment
  • An After Dark Partnership that allows participants to continue networking after hours and get special access to tourist attractions
  • An Influencer Mixer that brought content creators in the industry together for an exclusive networking opportunity

More Buzz

The National Hardware Show has asked over 150 industry media outlets to partner with them. This includes publication editors, TV contributors, podcast hosts, and online influencers. The goal of these partnerships is to create greater awareness for the show, contributing to even higher attendance, educational opportunities, and potential sales.

Get Ready for the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas with Cardinal Expo

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your investment at the National Hardware Show 2025, Cardinal Expo is here to help. We have the industry knowledge and skills to help you get the most out of your budget.

Whether you’re renting a booth for this expo, need help with design, want to streamline logistics and offload your booth’s management, or all of the above, Cardinal Expo has the resources you need. Contact us below to see how we can help you.

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