Face-to-face access to many potential new customers and partners is one of the many reasons why renting a booth at a trade show is great for business. But the work doesn’t stop once the exhibit is set up and the crowds are passing through. Here are five ways to successfully work the floor, stand out, and make a strong first impression.

Be Prepared

Just as with any speech or presentation, preparation is one of the biggest keys to success at a trade show. Learning ahead of time who will be attending the event, making a list of prospective targets, and scheduling as many meetings as possible are all ways to get ahead of the game.

Pack Smart

When working the floor, it’s important to dress professionally while also looking friendly and approachable. Also, remember that while having all the necessary materials such as business cards, demo items, and literature is part of packing smart, taking too much along to a trade show can be a burden.

Master the Area

Treat the area around the rented exhibit like a neighborhood. Get to know the other exhibitors nearby, actively engage with passersby, and keep a tidy area to ensure positive first impressions. Avoid letting the booth get messy, eating on the job, or getting distracted by phones or busywork.

Know Who to Target

If proper preparation measures have been taken, it should be a snap identifying the key players at other booths and in the crowd. Remember who the decision-makers are when visiting other exhibits and inviting potential customers and partners to stop by.

Connect Beyond the Show

Social media platforms are perfect for staying in touch with new contacts beyond the trade show. Exchange Twitter handles and connect on LinkedIn, then follow up as soon as possible to engender lasting relationships.

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