Hosted by the American Pet Products Association and Pet Industry Distributors Association, the annual Global Pet Expo is a leading event for those across the pet care products industry. Exhibitors both new and old will want to put their best foot forward at this trade show event—and they can learn how to with Cardinal Expo. Keep reading to learn more about the best tips and tricks for exhibiting at Global Pet Expo.

Who Can Exhibit at Global Pet Expo?

From industry leaders and creatives, to retailers, distributors, and other service providers, exhibitors at Global Pet Expo represent the entire spectrum of the pet products and care industries. However, any potential exhibitors at this show must meet one of two key requirements in order to book a booth for the show:

  • Any and all companies exhibiting as pet product manufacturers have to be members of the American Pet Products Association (APPA).
  • Any and all companies exhibiting as pet product distributors have to be members of the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA). 

So long as your company meets the requirements that correlate to your business designation, you’re welcome to register as an exhibitor for this show. 

If you’re worried that Global Pet Expo is limited to industry players in a specific region, don’t fret—as the name of the show suggests, Global Pet Expo invites an international audience of exhibitors and guests alike. In 2020 alone, just over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world put their products and services on display for the international audience this show attracts. Though the show takes place annually in Orlando, Florida, this show is far from limited to just North American exhibiting companies.

Exhibitor Tips for Global Pet Expo

As is true for any trade show, anyone preparing to exhibit at Global Pet Expo will want to understand the unique ins and outs of this expo. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when planning your exhibit booth and experience at this show:

Reserve Your Spot Ahead of Time

At high-demand shows like this one, the earlier you prepare your appearance the better. For example, 2022’s show takes place from March 23rd-25th at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center. Interested exhibitors for this show will do themselves a huge favor by reserving their booth space now, rather than in the weeks leading up to the show. By that point, more ideal booth locations by major entrances, intersections, and food stops will be less available, if they’re available at all.

Go In with Clear Goals

Trade shows are about more than stunning displays and free merchandise—though these are definitely benefits of attending an expo! As an exhibitor at Global Pet Expo, you want to set you and your team up for success by defining clear, achievable goals for your trade show experience. The exact goals you set for your business can vary, but here are some common examples of factors exhibitors may set goals around:

  • Earn (x) number of generated leads
  • Execute (x) number of sales
  • Earn (x) number of email newsletter subscribers from the expo
  • Increase in overall brand awareness
  • Promote specific new service or product
  • Make connections in x, y, or z markets

You’ll notice that there’s a mix of both quantitative and qualitative goals on this list. That’s because there are some goals that are best set with clear numbers in mind (like sales, for example), and others that are harder to quantify in definitive terms or numbers (like brand awareness). A combination of these goal types will ultimately benefit your team, allowing them to aim for and achieve goals in a wider variety of situations.

Stay Organized

Once you and your team have set clear, precise goals for your appearance at Global Pet Expo, there’s much more preparation to be done. Between dealing with 3rd-party show service providers, your trade show booth design partner, and keeping your show team on track, you’ll have a lot of important deadlines to keep in mind. 

Using the information provided on the Global Pet Expo website, write down all the important exhibitor dates that you can find on a calendar that can easily be shared with your team. (If your company uses a digital calendar system, like Google Calendar, this is a great place to do this.) When you work with a trade show services partner with Cardinal Expo, these deadlines can be a lot easier to manage—turnkey trade show service providers like us can manage these deadlines for your team, allowing you to focus on internal preparations for your company.

Cover Your Team’s Bases

To make sure your team is as prepared as can be for the excitement of the trade show environment, set up a plan and deadlines for internal team preparations you want your team to meet before the show. For example, if you want to do mock runs of potential new client conversations, or do refresh reviews of your company’s key services and products, these are great events to schedule for your team in advance of the show. 

You may also want to go over key points of trade show etiquette with your team members, including clothing packing lists and resources on professionalism, especially for any teammates who have not had prior experience at a trade show.

Global Pet Expo Exhibitors Trust Cardinal Expo with Their Trade Show Needs

Cardinal Expo has been proud to serve exhibitors at Global Pet Expo for many years, and we’re excited to partner with even more! We offer turnkey trade show services that help companies around the world achieve their goals at this expo and many more. From booth design to the display breakdown at the end of the show, Cardinal can take care of your business’ needs both on and off the trade show floor.

To read more of our expert trade show advice, you can visit our blog. Curious about partnering with Cardinal for Global Pet Expo or another upcoming show? Contact one of our sales experts today.

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