Hosted by the American Pet Products Association and Pet Industry Distributors Association, the annual Global Pet Expo is a leading event for those across the pet care products industry. Even for those who don’t attend Global Pet Expo, there are other similar opportunities at other pet expos in 2023 and 2024.

Exhibitors both new and old will want to put their best foot forward at these events—and they can learn how to with pet expo booth ideas, advice for shipping to a pet expo, and other logistics tips from Cardinal Expo. Keep reading to learn more about the best tips and tricks for exhibiting at Global Pet Expo 2024 and other pet expos.

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Who Can Exhibit at Global Pet Expo 2024?

From industry leaders and creatives, to retailers, distributors, and other service providers, exhibitors at Global Pet Expo 2024 represent the entire spectrum of the pet products and care industries. However, any potential exhibitors at this show must meet one of three key requirements in order to book a booth for the show:

  • Any and all companies exhibiting as pet product manufacturers have to be members of the American Pet Products Association (APPA).
  • Any and all companies exhibiting as pet product distributors have to be members of the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA).
  • All other exhibitors must be a supplier in order to be eligible.

So long as your company meets the requirements that correlate to your business designation, you’re welcome to register as an exhibitor for this show.

If you’re worried that this show is limited to industry players in a specific region, don’t fret—as the name of the show suggests, Global Pet Expo invites an international audience of exhibitors and guests alike. In 2024, the event is expecting over 1,000 exhibitors from around the world to put their products and services on display for the international audience this show attracts.

Though the show takes place annually in Orlando, Florida, this show is far from limited to just North American exhibiting companies or audiences. It remains one of the top, but not only, choices for a global pet expo.

Find Other Pet Expos in 2023 and 2024

Can’t make it to Global Pet Expo 2024? Want to go to even more pet expos in 2023 and 2024? Consider these 9 pet-related trade shows, conferences, and expos to make the most of your latest pet expo booth ideas:

  1. SuperZoo: One of the biggest pet retail shows on the continent, SuperZoo has been bringing together the pet industry to learn, network, and buy and sell since 1950. In fact, the event claims that it has the most buyers and education hours of any North American pet expo. Today, SuperZoo attracts 9,800 attendees, 1,040 of whom are international buyers, along with 1,200 exhibitors. The next SuperZoo takes place August 14–16, 2024, in Las Vegas.
  2. Vet Show: These shows take place in three major cities: the Chicago Vet Show, the Wild West Vet Show, and the New York Vet Show. Each Vet Show offers attendees the chance to participate in three different clinical tracks (a business theater, a practice operations theater, and veterinary technician tracks), attend sponsor-led workshops, earn RACE-approved CE, and visit the exhibit hall. Collectively, the U.S. Vet Shows bring together over 8,500 attendees, 800 exhibitors, and 225 speakers. The next Vet Shows take place October 18–24, 2023, in Reno; November 8–9, 2023, in New York City; and May 16–17, 2024, in Chicago.
  3. AVMA Convention: The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Annual Convention offers veterinary professionals a place to gather to attend educational sessions, earn CE, network, and find new products and services in the exhibit hall. In 2023, the event attracted over 7,500 attendees. The next AVMA Convention takes place June 21–25, 2024, in Austin.
  4. GROOM’D: Formerly known as the Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference, GROOM’D is one of the industry’s premier events for pet groomers and service professionals. The event features educational seminars, hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, grooming competitions, an exhibit hall, and networking events. Over 2,700 attendees and 100 exhibitors turn out for this conference and exhibit. The next GROOM’D takes place March 8–10, 2024, in College Park, Georgia, directly next to Atlanta.
  5. Groom Expo: Yet another major pet grooming show takes the form of Groom Expo, which recently celebrated 35 years in the industry. Groom Expo consists of educational seminars, grooming competitions, networking events, and a trade show. In 2022, the expo brought in 5,721 attendees, 68% of whom work as groomers. Others in attendance come from retail, veterinary services, daycare, boarding, pet sitting, training, breeding, and show dog professions. The latest Groom Expo took place September 7–10, 2023, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and we expect details about the 2024 show to be announced soon.
  6. Petfood Forum: If you’re looking for the top pet food event, Petfood Forum is the place to be. Its conferences and exhibitions are tailored to the global pet food manufacturing field. This includes the Petfood Forum as well as Petfood Essentials, Petfood Forum Asia, Petfood Forum China, and Petfood Forum Europe. Learn from the world’s top industry experts during presentations and hands-on workshops, network, and find new products and services in the exhibit hall. The next Petfood Forum takes place April 29–May 1, 2024, in Kansas City.
  7. Pet Industry Leadership Summit: The Pet Industry Leadership Summit focuses on bringing together leaders and C-level executives across the pet care industry. With world-class speaker presentations, industry and breakout sessions, and networking opportunities, this event covers significant ground. While there isn’t an exhibit hall, the PIDA Executive Conferences do facilitate new business by establishing one-on-one meetings for distributors with manufacturers and suppliers. The next Pet Industry Leadership Summit takes place January 22–24, 2024, in Coronado, a resort city in California located in the San Diego Bay.
  8. Canadian Pet Expo: For more than 25 years, this unique North American show has promoted responsible pet companionship and care. It hosts four distinct shows in a single event: the Canadian Pet Expo, the Canadian Reptile Breeder’s Expo, the Canadian Aquatic Expo, and the Plant Expo. The event includes interactive activities, grooming demonstrations, a vendor marketplace, and, best of all, ways for visitors and their pets to socialize and have fun. On average, more than 90,000 people and 6,000 pets attend, collectively spending $1.5 million. The latest Canadian Pet Expo took place September 16–17, 2023, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We expect details about the 2024 show to be announced soon.
  9. Interzoo: If international exhibiting is a part of your program, consider Interzoo. This global trade fair brings together major players in the international pet industry, including manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers. Interzoo boasts the world’s biggest international trade fair for pet supplies and the most comprehensive product lineup for dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, aquariums, terrariums, garden animals, equestrian sports, pet food, and grooming. In 2022, there were about 28,000 attendees from 129 countries and 1,326 exhibitors from 59 countries. The next Interzoo takes place May 7–10, 2024, in Nuremberg, Germany.

No matter which 2023 or 2024 pet expo you choose, be sure to bring creative pet booth ideas to make a strong impression!

Pet Expo Booth Ideas

The Global Pet Expo 2024 is going to be one of the biggest trade shows the pet industry has seen. Approximately 1,000 vendors and many more attendees are going to be present, so it’s important that you find pet expo booth ideas to ensure that your exhibit sticks out from the crowd. 

Get Attention with Color, Lighting, and Sound

The pet industry is highly competitive, and this show is no exception. The show floor is loud, bright, and high energy. To get attention, you need pet expo booth ideas that are colorful, lively, and fun. Consider these tips:

  • Use bright colors or even an LED video wall.
  • Incorporate music or sound.
  • Use fun lighting to set the mood.
  • Make your booth interactive with product samples, demos, pets, freebies, or even games.

Plan Space for Products, Demos, and Pets

A pet expo booth idea rendered by Cardinal Expo with counters, shelving, and hanging space for products and pets.

At a crowded, competitive trade show like Global Pet Expo 2024, you’re probably going to have a limited amount of space to work with. The best booths are going to be the ones that take full advantage of the space they have with engaging activities for visitors.

The audiences at pet expos are looking for memorable, interactive experiences. Depending on your business, consider planning space in your booth to include:

  • Product displays or shelving in key areas of your booth and with good lighting to highlight them.
  • Demonstration areas where you can gather a crowd, show how your products work, and allow visitors or pets to interact with your products.
  • Space for pets, aquariums, terrariums, and cleaning products. Many of these exhibits will have pets. Make sure any pets will have enough space, especially if they require aquariums or terrariums. Have a plan for keeping your space clean, including floors that are easy to wash if a pet has an accident and storage space for cleaning supplies. Dogs in particular can be prone to making a mess, so take this into account for any dog booth ideas you may have.

If you want more ideas, read our tips for great trade show booth design on a budget. Being efficient with your budget is going to help you in creating the booth that your brand wants, and one that will leave an impression on its visitors.

You may want to work with design professionals that have experience bringing great pet expo booth ideas to life. Renting a booth from Cardinal Expo grants you the invaluable experience of our professional designers as we handle everything for you from the planning stage onward. Contact us today or keep reading for more tips.

Give Out Branded Freebies

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Handing out branded freebies is a common tactic that many organizations use at trade shows to supply attendees with something free in exchange for their attention. At Global Pet Expo, you can be sure that exhibitors will be giving away toys, bags of treats, and other goodies.

While it’s tempting to slap your brand on a pen or button and hand it out, you should look to be more conscious with your branded freebies. Consider your audience, and try to give out something more valuable or memorable than your competitors.

If it helps, don’t give your premiums away to everyone that stops by your booth. Reserve your best freebies for attendees that you have a meaningful connection with, or those that are especially interested in your products.

Not sure how much to order? Read our blog post about ordering giveaways for trade shows.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

The attendees at Global Pet Expo 2024 are going to be scurrying around the entirety of the venue, so give them a reason to keep your business in mind while they do. A well-organized scavenger hunt can be a fun and engaging way for expo attendees to interact with your company and its products, and will grant your business some valuable presence of mind in the show’s attendees.

If you need more tips on planning a scavenger hunt for your next exhibit, check out our trade show scavenger hunt ideas

Tips for Shipping to a Pet Expo

Once you have gathered some pet expo booth ideas for your next trade show appearance, you’ll want to plan how to ship your setup to the expo itself. Shipping is a larger part of the expo experience than many organizations realize, and shouldn’t be one that you overlook.

Shipping regulations can vary depending on the expo you’re going to. You’ll need to pay attention to when you can start shipping to the expo and the warehouse’s hours of operation. You should familiarize yourself with the regulations and dates associated with the venue and location of the trade show in advance.

Keep reading for more tips for shipping to a pet expo.

Choose Your Shipping Partner Carefully

An exhibit render from Cardinal Expo that could be used for Global Pet Expo, with dog graphics and space for pet products.

Especially if this is your first expo, it’s important to find a shipping company that is both experienced within the trade show space and knowledgeable about the requirements associated with shipping to your specific destination.

Experienced shippers know the intricacies of delivering to an expo venue. Working with them will result in a drastic decrease in lost packages and materials, as well as a higher probability your items will arrive on time.

Make Arrangements to Ship Perishable Items Separately

Are you planning to ship high volumes of perishable items, such as high-quality pet food and treats, to Global Pet Expo 2024? Are those items sensitive to temperature and light exposure? If so, then making arrangements for these specialty items should be your top priority when shipping to a pet expo.

Shipping for delicate items such as these can be expensive, and under a much tighter window of time than any other materials would be. In order to reduce your costs:

  • Plan ahead.
  • Don’t wait until the very last minute, when costs may be higher.
  • Ship non-perishable items separately and in advance, so you can reduce their shipping costs.

Plan Shipping Around Pets’ Needs

If you’re going to have pets in your trade show booth, then you must make sure you have all of the accommodations for their needs. These could include:

  • Fresh water
  • Food
  • Space to rest
  • Aquariums or terrariums

Ship your booth and any aquariums or terrariums first, and make sure you plan your timing so that they’re set up before the pets arrive. Take care to keep any perishable food refrigerated and time your shipping to the pet expo so it doesn’t spoil.

Keep Detailed Records When Shipping to a Pet Expo

Keep all shipping receipts, emails, or any other confirmations that your materials have arrived to their destination when shipping to a pet expo. If possible, take photos of all packages before they are shipped with details of what is contained in them for easier identification later down the road.

It may seem like a hassle and time sink in the beginning, but keeping overly detailed records will make it easier to locate specific items in a pinch, or find them if they’ve been lost by your crew or the shipping company.

Logistics Tips for Global Pet Expo 2024

As is true for any trade show, anyone preparing to exhibit at Global Pet Expo 2024 will want to understand the unique ins and outs of this expo. While you’re figuring out exciting, attention-grabbing pet expo booth ideas, don’t forget to also keep these factors in mind when planning your exhibit booth and experience at this show.

Reserve Your Spot Ahead of Time

An exhibit render from Cardinal Expo with examples of pet expo booth ideas like treat giveaways, food and water bowls, and products that visitors can pick up.

At high-demand shows like this one, the earlier you prepare your appearance the better. Global Pet Expo 2024 will take place from March 20–22 at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, the same as it did last year.

Interested exhibitors for this show will do themselves a huge favor by reserving their booth space now, rather than in the weeks leading up to the show. By that point, more ideal booth locations by major entrances, intersections, and food stops will be less available, if they’re available at all.

Go In with Clear Goals

Trade shows are about more than stunning displays and free merchandise—though these are definitely benefits of attending an expo! As an exhibitor, you want to set you and your team up for success by defining clear, achievable goals for your trade show experience, as well as ways to measure your effectiveness in meeting those goals. These goals should guide your decisions, from initial pet booth ideas to post-show follow up.

The exact goals you set for your business can vary, but here are some common examples of factors exhibitors may set goals around:

  • Earn (x) number of generated leads
  • Execute (x) number of sales
  • Earn (x) number of email newsletter subscribers from the expo
  • Increase in overall brand awareness
  • Promote specific new service or product
  • Make connections in x, y, or z markets

You’ll notice that there’s a mix of both quantitative and qualitative goals on this list. That’s because there are some goals that are best set with clear numbers in mind (like sales, for example), and others that are harder to quantify in definitive terms or numbers (like brand awareness). A combination of these goal types will ultimately benefit your team, allowing them to aim for and achieve goals in a wider variety of situations.

Use Social Media Before, During, and After the Show

Social media is a powerful tool, especially if you have already established an online presence and following. Make sure that your social media is a part of your trade show plan before, during, and after the show.

Before the expo, make sure that all of the information on your social media (and website!) are accurate, including address, phone number, and hours of operation. You can also share that you will be attending the expo to generate interest.

During the show, engage with the expo’s social media, use the expo’s hashtags, and share live updates to get involved. If you have a great game or giveaway, use social media to help get the word out there.

Afterward, be sure to respond to any private messages or comments you receive from attendees or fellow exhibitors.

Stay Organized

Once you and your team have set clear, precise goals for your appearance at the show, there’s much more preparation to be done. Between dealing with third-party show service providers, your trade show booth design partner, shipping to the pet expo, and keeping your show team on track, you’ll have a lot of important deadlines to keep in mind.

Using the information provided on the Global Pet Expo website, write down all the important exhibitor dates that you can find on a calendar that can easily be shared with your team. (If your company uses a digital calendar system, like Google Calendar, this is a great place to do this.)

When you work with a trade show services partner with Cardinal Expo, these deadlines can be a lot easier to manage—turnkey trade show service providers like us can manage these deadlines for your team, allowing you to focus on internal preparations for your company.

Cover Your Team’s Bases

To make sure your team is as prepared as can be for the excitement of the trade show environment, set up a plan and deadlines for internal team preparations you want your team to meet before the show. For example, if you want to do mock runs of potential new client conversations, or do refresh reviews of your company’s key services and products, these are great events to schedule for your team in advance of the show. 

You may also want to go over key points of trade show etiquette with your team members, including clothing packing lists and resources on professionalism, especially for any teammates who have not had prior experience at a trade show. Set aside time to go over your pet expo booth ideas and strategies, so staff are aware of the products they should highlight, demos they need to perform, games or entertainment that your company will provide, and any booth features to help them meet their goals.

Create Your Perfect Global Pet Expo Booth with Cardinal Expo

Cardinal Expo has been proud to serve exhibitors at pet expos for many years, and we’re excited to partner with even more! We offer turnkey trade show services that help companies around the world achieve their goals at this expo and many more. From booth design to the display breakdown at the end of the show, Cardinal can take care of your business’ needs both on and off the trade show floor.

Interested in partnering with Cardinal for Global Pet Expo or another upcoming show? Contact us below for a free quote.

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