Large and Custom Rental Exhibits

Our large and custom exhibit rentals are tailor-made to suit your unique needs while adhering to any expo’s rules and size restrictions. We provide turnkey management services that span every step of the process, from exhibit design to shipping, installation, storage, and more. Build the booth of your dreams before your next event with help from our experts.

Large and Custom Rental Exhibits from Cardinal Expo

When it comes to designing a large or custom rental exhibit, you want an impressive display that makes a statement about your brand, grabs visitors’ attention, and delivers a return on your investment. At Cardinal Expo, we work with you to create an eye-catching custom exhibit rental that helps you stand out from the competition.

With a wide variety of base models to choose from and ways to customize your booth, you can rest assured that Cardinal Expo has the perfect layout for your business. Let our experts help you build the custom exhibit rental of your dreams! Because, after all, your booth is not just an exhibit, but a multi-dimensional way to showcase your business.

Make sure your booth makes the right statement with strategic, cohesive graphics and branding. With so many different structures, print graphics, lighting designs, and other customizable options to choose from, our experts can help you design the ideal exhibit.

We’ll work with you every step of the way to build a booth to your exact specifications, ensuring that your custom rental exhibit is truly representative of your brand. Don’t settle for off-the-shelf rental exhibits that fall flat. Design your own large, custom rental exhibit with Cardinal Expo experts today!

Why Get a Custom Rental Exhibit?


Don’t get bogged down by one design! As we know, your conference goals and needs can change, and not all convention centers are built the same. Our custom exhibit rentals offer you the opportunity to rent rather than purchase a booth, allowing you to adjust your exhibit as necessary.

A Cardinal Expo custom exhibit rental helps you to change booths as needed, upsizing or downsizing to fit perfectly into each unique convention space. With our large and custom rentals, your booth will never be too small or too big for any trade show, maximizing your options and giving you more opportunities to grow your business.

And don’t worry about outgrowing your booth! At Cardinal Expo, our large and custom rentals help your booth to grow alongside your company, ensuring that your custom exhibit rental is always big and bold enough for your expanding business. And when you rent your dream booth rather than buying it, you ensure that your exhibit will never go out of style.

Our custom rentals keep both aesthetics and utility in mind, making certain that your exhibits stay fresh and current rather than old fashioned or outdated. From custom furniture to dynamic lighting and interactive AV devices, our exhibits change with the times and according to your needs, making sure that your booth is equipped with everything you want.

With a multitude of add-ons such as portable charging stations, any Cardinal Expo booth can be outfitted with the latest technology. Because here at Cardinal Expo, our business is helping your business stay on the cutting edge for every trade show.

Cost Effective

Rental exhibits are a good alternative to purchasing because they are often more cost effective, even if you attend several shows a year. With a rental booth, you can try out alternative floor plans, easily switch up the branding on your booth, and avoid liabilities, all for a fraction of the cost of a purchased booth.

There is an endless supply of competition for visitors’ attention at trade shows. To make the most of your investment, it pays to put your all into a spectacular, customized booth instead of a string of mediocre, underperforming ones. As your business expands, it’s all too easy to outgrow an earlier booth, but rentals allow you to update as needed.

With shipping, installation, and takedown costs included, a custom exhibit rental from Cardinal Expo makes the most of your marketing dollars. Your team can spend their time, energy, and resources preparing to work the expo floor without worrying about your booth’s logistics.

Low Maintenance

Not only are Cardinal Expo’s custom exhibits cost effective and designed with you in mind, they are also low maintenance for your team. Each trade show has its own unique rules and regulations, making it a challenge for exhibitors to keep a large or custom rental exhibit in compliance from show to show on their own. With one of our rental booths, the experts at Cardinal Expo take care of all the details for you.

Owning your own booth may be less expensive in a few circumstances, in which case you have the option to purchase your large or custom exhibit rental from us. But when you factor in maintenance, insurance, and storage fees, these hidden costs add up quickly and often make renting a more attractive option.

With a custom exhibit rental, all you have to do is prepare your team for the show. We’ll ship your booth to the show site, set it up for you, stay on site to supervise during the show, take down your booth, pack it up, and ship it back to our warehouse.

Standout Design

When preparing for a trade show, you want your booth to be a cut above the rest. To stand out from the crowd, consider large and custom exhibit rentals!

Here at Cardinal Expo, we combine style and utility to elevate your brand while also streamlining the design process. With multiple different layouts to choose from, you can collaborate with our experts to personalize a rental booth for your unique needs.

While a prefab booth may be functional, it doesn’t say anything special about your business. A custom rental exhibit, on the other hand, is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, drawing in customers with eye-catching graphics and thoughtful design.

With experts trained in the art of layout and 3-D design, we can help personalize your booth with custom graphics specific to your brand. By incorporating your unique brand logo and colors into the design of your exhibit, a well-designed booth doubles as a sign and a storefront. Our hardware allows for a variety of constructions, all of which are ready to be wrapped with your brand logo.

Let your brand identity be the focal point of your booth design with the help of Cardinal Expo! We have over 28 years of experience in industries ranging from construction to medical, automotive, retail, food, hospitality, real estate, finance, technology, education, and more. Our team understands the expectations and competition in your industry, so we can help your brand stand out from the rest.

What It’s Like to Partner with Cardinal Expo

At Cardinal Expo, our business is helping your business succeed. We are committed to making your job easier, designing eye-catching displays, and providing exceptional customer service to ensure that each and every trade show is a success. With our custom exhibits rentals, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality or design. And with the help of our experts, you have the creative freedom to change booths as you see fit. We’ll help you realize your vision, from the drawing board all the way to the convention center.

Each custom rental exhibit comes with onsite support from our trained professionals, making every step from installation to takedown a breeze. A partnership with Cardinal Expo extends far beyond the trade show floor. Before each show, our warehouse production team constructs a full trial-run of your exhibit, making sure that everything works properly and looks professional. We even photograph this pre-set and include a complete inventory breakdown before carefully organizing, packing, and shipping every piece. Our top priority is making good on your investment, so you can rest assured that installation and takedown (both of which are handled by our onsite team) will be a breeze!

At your show, expect nothing less than perfection from our onsite professionals. We will have your custom rental exhibit installed as quickly and seamlessly as possible, giving us ample time for a pre-show walkthrough to ensure all components are in working order and your team is aware of the booth’s unique features. After the show is over, your Cardinal Expo supervisor will return with a team to break down, inventory, and repack the exhibit so it is ready for shipping. And once we ship your custom rental exhibit back to our warehouse, we can start the process all over again, designing, shipping, and managing a new dream rental booth anytime you need a new one.   

Did we mention that round-trip freight is on us?  Transporting your exhibit materials and decorations is a tall order, but we’ll help you avoid the headache. With third-party service coordination and all costs compiled under a single bill, we also ensure that the payment process for everything is safe and easy, keeping your sensitive information secure. Rest assured that with Cardinal Expo on your side, every trade show will be a success!

The Best Custom Exhibit Rentals Come from Cardinal Expo

With help from our expert team, there’s no reason to limit your booth’s size or creativity. Our 28+ years of experience designing, building, and installing premium trade show booths means you can make the most of investing in a large or custom exhibit rental.

We’ll handle all of the requirements and responsibilities so you can avoid the hassle, instead focusing on preparing your team for the show and growing your business. And with a nationwide industry presence spanning 11 major cities, Cardinal Expo is here to get you trade show ready, no matter your show’s location.

Read more about our work and contact us today to build the custom rental exhibit of your dreams! We can’t wait to work with you.

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