Meetings and Event Spaces

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Take Your Meeting to the Next Level

From decking out entire hotel spaces to elevating a single room meeting, the Cardinal Expo team brings your concepts to life with ease. Creating fully-immersive meetings gets to be smooth and peaceful with our help.

Add More EASE to Your Meetings

Our dedicated team of salespeople, designers, coordinators, and builders work directly with you and your teams to lighten your workload, create an inspiring event space, and execute a smooth production that will leave you reaching your meeting goals and have your attendees asking for more. 

What We Can Offer You

Site supervisor with team on trade show floor

Custom Stations

Functional and inspirational spaces that are custom designed and build for you. 

  • Registration Station
  • Information / Help Desk 
  • Lounge Areas
  • Charging Stations
  • Presentation Stages


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Dynamic Signage

Communicate clearly in fun and stimulating ways. Normal can be made exciting.

  • Stand Alone Signage
  • Directional Signage
  • Hanging Signage



graphic designers working on branding

Distinct Branding

Present your company in the BEST light by purposefully conveying your company’s highlights. 

  • Wrapping (stairs, walls, etc.)
  • Interaction Stations / Areas
  • Brand Flooring


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Premium Giveaways

Swag worth keeping is swag worth receiving. Allow your attendees to remember you fondly and seek you out for more contact.

  • Gitfs / Handouts
  • Branded & Non Branded Stationery

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