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Case Studies



A major exhibitor at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans came to Cardinal Expo with a challenge: Combine two neighboring, narrow booth spaces into one shared experience, while also keeping the two areas distinctly recognizable as separate entities of the same umbrella company.

Cardinal Expo successfully created a massively immersive, interactive, shared space combining the two companies into one experience, while allowing enough difference for the two to remain individual brands.

Key Components:

  • A double-decker display forming a bridge between the two companies
  • On-brand yellow carpet placed through the middle aisle that both created distance between the two spaces and tied the entire exhibit together
  • Mirrored booth designs showcasing both sides’ unique brand messaging



Beginning in 2014 and consistently developing over time, Cardinal Expo has developed inviting and highly usable booth spaces focused on Small Business Card Acquisitions. In 2018, Cardinal Expo rebranded all client-owned and rented exhibits to reflect the current marketing materials. Pre/Post Production, Printing, and Implementation are handled by Cardinal Expo.

In 2018 – 2019, Cardinal Expo worked with our client’s internal branding department, to kick off a test & learn phase to explore some different branding elements and conceptual approaches to engaging with the small business customers at various trade shows.


“Without your expertise and willingness to work on the entire scope of the show from the layout through the smallest of details, our exhibition at NAB would definitely not have been so successful.”

– Nancy C., Myers Protrack


“For nearly 10 years, the team at Cardinal Expo has continued to meet and exceed my expectations. This testimonial has been earned by the service level provided by Cardinal, by their responsiveness, and by their talents consistently delivered in the design, delivery, and management of our firm’s conference exhibiting needs.”

– Jeff B., PINNACLE HR Consulting Services


“Everything was top-notch right from the first round of talks to contracting and finally executing and wrap-up. Qualitative inputs like doing a glow-wall instead of a video wall to help stretch our budget are highly valued.

– Vaibhav S., Zycus