20×20 Exhibit Booth Rentals

20×20 exhibit booth displays are an excellent choice to make a major impact on your prospective customers and partners. With professional management, even a larger booth like this can be easy to set up, use to its full potential, and dismantle at the end of the event. Contact our experts today for creative solutions and custom designs on a 20×20 exhibit booth that stands out from the competition.

20×20 Exhibit Booth Design from Cardinal Expo

Cardinal Expo has decades of experience creating every size of display imaginable, and our team can help your business take advantage of all the benefits a 20×20 exhibit booth has to offer. We work with you to design a branded, standout booth that will best fit your business objectives, such as:

  • Creating inviting meeting places to chat with potential customers openly or privately
  • Showing off your vast array of products with displays, demos, or samples
  • Taking advantage of technology with dynamic lighting or video setups to grab an audience’s attention

Our professionals know how to utilize every inch of a 20×20 exhibit booth for the benefit of your business. We’ve designed booths for clients in a wide range of industries, budgets, and events. Whether you want to buy or rent, Cardinal Expo has you covered.

Why Rent a 20×20 Exhibit Booth?

Once you get comfortable doing the trade show rounds, you may be searching for the next big thing to revamp your company’s presence on the expo floor. While it can be tempting to go all out and buy a large booth off the bat, renting may be better when you first decide to expand so you can test out different options. There are a lot of new features to get used to when it comes to larger displays, and you’ll want to be sure you’ve found the right booth, design, and layout to fit your needs before investing in a purchase.


20×20 exhibit booth displays are one of the best ways to have your company stand out from the crowd—quite literally. Take advantage of vertical space to draw eyes from across the room with the installation of large hanging signs to bring even more attention to your spot on the show floor. Once a potential customer or partner reaches your booth, you’ll have the space to offer a variety of experiences, such as private meetings, public demonstrations, hands-on product sampling, and more.

You want to be visible for the right reasons, which is why it is often best to experiment with booth sizes, layouts, and designs through rentals. Each convention has different rules surrounding 20×20 exhibit booth displays, so it may be better to rent a 20×20 booth for certain events and use a downsized version when you need something smaller to fit the venue.


Another advantage of the 20×20 exhibit booth design is the sheer amount of space your team will have to work with. One of the downsides of conventions can be the crowds, so it is often beneficial to have larger space to work, entertain and educate potential customers, and stand out from your competition.

A bigger space means a bigger canvas to express your brand story. The 20×20 exhibit booth has the potential for large, impressive graphics as well as design elements like display screens, imaginative displays, and demo stations.

Remember that even though you may have room to display all your company has to offer, you don’t have to cram every service into each display. This is where rentals come in handy. By renting this type of space, you can experiment with the most efficient way to tell your company’s story and get the message out to customers. If a tactic isn’t as effective as you initially thought, you won’t be stuck with a display piece you can’t use.


A 20×20 exhibit booth design gives your company enough room to execute any structure that will draw in customers. Want a theater area for demos or meetings with clients? We can do that! Need more entry points to control traffic flow? You got it. Want to maximize your space for product sampling? That can easily be arranged. A 20×20 exhibit booth rental provides the most options for your company to share your brand’s story, highlight certain products or experiences, and make a great first impression.

What You Gain By Partnering with Cardinal Expo

Production Management

Cardinal Expo provides full production management services and support to all of our clients. We manage every aspect of your upcoming projects, stay in regular communication with detailed updates, provide comprehensive delivery tracking, and offer document preparation assistance. In essence, we take on each major and minor detail for our clients so they can focus on their own pre-show preparation. When you work with Cardinal Expo, we make sure everything is ready for you in the months, weeks, days, and hours leading up to the show.

Install & Dismantle

After all the paperwork is done and the booth is designed and shipped, there comes the physical work of trade show prep. Installation and dismantling services come included for all our clients. Our shipping and onsite teams will track your 20×20 exhibit booth as it travels to the expo and ensure it arrives at the proper drop-off location. Our onsite building team knows how to quickly and efficiently set up any booth, and will fully assemble it all before your team arrives. At the end of the event, when you’re ready to relax, you can rest assured that our experts are professionally dismantling your booth, packing it up, and preparing it for shipping and storage.

Logistics & Shipping

After all the effort you put into designing your ideal 20×20 exhibit booth display, the last thing you want is to worry about it getting lost along the way to an out-of-town destination. Cardinal Expo’s logistic coordinators schedule and keep tabs on your shipment from the moment it leaves our warehouse to the second it arrives back after the expo. Based on the size and complexity of the booth, we’ll be sure to provide our on-site team with information on parts and assembly to keep the entire process smooth and streamlined.

Booth Design

Cardinal Expo’s in-house design team is ready to produce samples of your company artwork and graphics on any number of prefabricated and custom 3-D displays. Our designers have years of experience in adapting company branding on a variety of structures. More than that, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with creative design solutions to appeal to any concept you’d like to test out or objective you’d like to meet.


Cardinal also utilizes our design and fabrication team to produce one-of-a-kind custom promotion solutions. From promotional product literature to customized interactive elements, our team knows how to implement creative design and technology to help any 20×20 exhibit booth stand out.

Onsite Supervision

To make sure your 20×20 exhibit booth is fully functional throughout your expo showing, our onsite supervisor works with build teams to ensure your display is properly installed. They’ll walk your team through each of your exhibit’s unique features and answer any questions you may have before the show starts. Cardinal’s onsite supervisor will return at the end of the show to carefully dismantle your booth, take inventory, pack it up, and ship it back to our warehouse safely. No more fretting about returns!

Storage & Inventory Management

We have the capacity to store any client expo assets in our warehouse. The individual parts of a 20×20 exhibit booth display can fill up a whole room, and not everyone has the space or extra budget to store such a complex and important display set. With our inventory management services, your mind can be at ease knowing your investment is in a safe, dry facility. We take inventory and notes of any needed repairs to your display. We quality check every item that goes in and out so no client is taken by surprise. If repairs are needed, we photograph the area with the needed fix and update our clients of any work done to their materials.

Show Services (3rd Party)

There are a lot of hands to shake and deals to make when you’re showing at an expo, especially before it even begins. Successful shows often depend on working with third-party companies to meet deadlines, make orders, file paperwork, and secure utilities needed for show displays. Cardinal can coordinate these aspects of the trade show for you to streamline your preparation process. From electrical to internet, lead retrieval, rigging, material handling, drayage, and more, Cardinal has got it covered. Our management of these third-party services can reduce your costs, eliminate waste, and streamline the charges to a single purchase order for the full year.

Artwork, Graphics, & Print Production

Does your 20×20 exhibit booth design need revamped graphics? Our design team can help transform and adapt your exhibit to illustrate your brand standards. Have a wild concept you have been dying to see put into action? Give us the challenge so we can help you execute your vision. Been wanting to streamline your brand services on your literature? We’ll make sure your style is efficient and professional.

Our designers will also work with your company’s in-house designers by providing all details and specs needed to coordinate graphics on your end, as well as offering whatever resources we can to fill in any gaps. Once your graphics are done, our team can add them into your 3-D sample model. This final model is a collaborative effort that we always run by our clients to ensure all your needs are met.

Get a Show-Stopping 20×20 Exhibit Booth with Cardinal Expo

20×20 exhibit booth rentals are a step up from smaller booths, requiring more design, planning, and management to successfully execute. Our comprehensive, turn-key services make it easy to scale up your booth and expand your trade show presence.

With over 25 years in the industry, we’ve worked with a wide variety of business sectors at the busiest and biggest expos in the country. It’s our job to coordinate on your behalf, taking care of the complexities of trade shows so your time and efforts can go toward working the trade show floor. We provide top-quality design, materials, and management for the big weekend to support your team’s success.

If you’re interested in expanding your business’ trade show presence or have other trade show inquiries, contact us today.

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