Mobile Outdoor Exhibit Displays

Hit the road with premium mobile outdoor exhibit displays for any occasion, inside or outside. Our fully mobile outdoor exhibition booths are easy to brand, transport, and rely on to keep out the elements.


Outdoor exhibit displays provide all the amenities, style, and comfort of a typical exhibit structure in an unconventional setting—the great outdoors! Whether your business provides outdoor goods, participates in outdoor events, or wants to take a booth on the road, a mobile outdoor exhibition booth makes it possible.

Modulbox products are perfect for any outdoor or temporary experiential activities. Design your dream display for face-to-face marketing activities such as roadshows, sporting events, festivals, social media command centers, photo ops, and more with help from our experts. Cardinal Expo will help you take advantage of the extra space available in outdoor exhibit displays while attracting audience attention.


The Modulbox is a fully mobile exhibition booth engineered for outdoor use and deployed on a standard trailer pulled by a standard full-size pick-up truck. It is an 8’ x 8’ x 8’ cubic exhibition that opens up in the blink of an eye and can become up to 256 sq ft of open pavilion with brandable walls and roof.

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The Modulbox MAX is an 8’x15’x8’ rectangular “big brother” of Modulbox offering the same outdoor use, mobility, ease of deployment, and transportation method as the smaller Modulbox. The Modulbox MAX is large enough to house an entire automobile under the roof making it unique to other products in its category.


The Modulbox MAX is an 8’ x 15’ x 8’ rectangular “big brother” of Modulbox. It offers the same outdoor use, mobility, ease of deployment, and transportation method as the smaller Modulbox. The Modulbox MAX is large enough to house an entire automobile under the roof, making it unique to other outdoor exhibit displays.

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Mo5 is a compact, fully mobile, kiosk counter built for outdoor use and face-to-face marketing. It is a brandable promotional counter on wheels with a roof and storage space. When fully unfolded, it stands nearly 12’ tall and is perfect to use as a tasting booth, information kiosk, or brand ambassador station.

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Modulbox In Action

Modulbox Outdoor Exhibit Displays from Cardinal Expo

If growth is your goal, promoting your products and services to your target audience is a top priority. Attending events outside of the everyday convention circuit can create more opportunities to engage with your audience.

Businesses of all types find that outdoor events like festivals, sporting events, and roadshows are great places to connect with customers and drum up business. When carefully designed, a mobile exhibition booth can be as simple or as grand as any indoor exhibit, while being easier to transport.

Both large and small businesses alike can experience the advantage of outdoor exhibit displays. These structures can be as subtle or as flashy as your branding demands. Cardinal Expo’s comprehensive trade show services take care of the challenging aspects of getting your outdoor exhibition booth to your spot and set up.

Why Rent Outdoor Exhibit Displays?

An outdoor exhibition booth is an investment, but if you are new to these types of structures, it may be hard to determine what will be most beneficial to your business. Before purchasing a booth, use Cardinal Expo’s rental services to find the perfect fit for your business plan.


When it comes to pricing, you can’t beat the affordability of a rental, especially when you are first dipping your toes into this display style. When first starting out, most businesses see a higher return on rentals than they do with buying right away. The lower price gives you more freedom to experiment and test different strategies.

Down the line, you may choose to downsize your usual booth in order to fit certain venue size restrictions. Or you could decide to expand if you have additional products you’d like to display. No matter how your needs change, Cardinal has the rental inventory to meet your goals.

Design Choices

When it comes to mobile exhibition booths, there are no better models than our Modulbox product selection. Small kiosks like Mo5 are the perfect setting for casual, one-on-one talks with customers. The Modulbox and Modulbox MAX combine impressive professionalism with portability, giving you options that are sleek and easily brandable. 

Cardinal Expo also offers larger outdoor exhibit displays that move away from the traditional tented look of an outdoor festival in favor of a more modern, inviting structure. Single-Story, Double-Story, and Pavillion Style EventMax architecture create welcoming, building-esque structures that shield attendees from the elements. These larger outdoor exhibition booths also give your employees more room to work, store items, and show off products or machinery. Even a huge piece of equipment for something like the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville can be put on display.

Of course, no mobile outdoor display is complete without a few outdoor accessories. Tall flags, banners, demo stations, and sanitation areas put the finishing touches on an exceptional exhibit. These features help express your interest in customer comfort and support, putting these values into action.


Most exhibitors are stuck in place when they’re working a show. With the added mobility of an outdoor exhibition booth, businesses have more choices when it comes to location. Though Cardinal’s trade show booths look large and in charge, they are specially designed to easily fold up for transport and storage.

Making Your Outdoor Mobile Exhibition Booth

Production Management

The complexity of managing a trade show booth is an entire job in itself, so rather than any of your employees biting off more than they can chew, Cardinal Expo provides production management services for each of our outdoor mobile exhibition booths. We take care of all the details big and small that make a successful trade show experience: communicating with the expo, completing paperwork, meeting deadlines, tracking shipments, coordinating with third parties, and more. We keep you in the loop with regular updates so you know your investment is on time and in safe hands.

Install & Dismantle

Not only does prepping for a trade show require outstanding organizational skills, but also physical labor to get the exhibit set up and ready for action. Not everyone can install an outdoor exhibit display on their own, and not every business team has the building skills to get the job done on time, which is why Cardinal sends onsite teams to handle construction. When your outdoor exhibition booth arrives at its destination, our team of experienced builders does the heavy lifting and complex installs that your booth requires. At the end of the expo, they’ll be there to take the booth down safely and efficiently following the venue’s requirements.

Logistics & Shipping

Cardinal always has an eye on your investment, no matter where it is. Our logistics and shipping team tracks your exhibit display as it ships to your venue, whether it’s within your state or on the other side of the country. From the moment it leaves our property, we update our clients on the status of their display crates and packages, so you’ll know about any possible delays in advance.

Booth Design

We employ the best graphic designers and artists on our expo booth design team to bring your vision to life. Our team translates any pre-existing company branding into 2-D and 3-D booth design, so clients have a clear idea of the product before it’s shipped out to them. Our team creates exciting new design concepts to help meet your unique goals. With plenty of opportunities to give feedback, we make sure you’re satisfied before moving forward with any mobile outdoor exhibition booth design.


There’s no need to pay a third party to build your exhibit display, because Cardinal has an experienced fabrication team in house. We supervise the production of your mobile exhibition booth directly and provide a variety of other fabrication and printing services, such as company literature, posters, banners, and other promotional art.

Onsite Supervision

You don’t have to worry about walking the trade show floor alone. From Las Vegas to New Orleans, Chicago, Orlando, and other major cities across the East and West Coast, Cardinal provides an onsite supervisor who will do a final inspection walkthrough at the show site before you ever set foot in your booth. Then, they provide a full tour of the display and any amenities that come with it. Your team is welcome to ask any questions they have before the show. Even after we hand the reins to you, your onsite supervisor is always available in case of an emergency. Otherwise, they will return at the end of the show to oversee the takedown, inventory, and shipping of your booth.

Storage & Inventory Management

Cardinal makes sure your trade show exhibits are safe, even during the slow season. Outdoor exhibit displays take up precious storage room, and not all businesses have the means or space to store these themselves. Our storage and inventory management services ensure that after your exhibit is broken down, the complete display is shipped to our warehouse and stored until your next show. Each piece of your display is carefully cataloged before and after shipping, inspected for any needed repairs, and stored in our warehouse on site. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment is safe and protected without any additional fees.

Show Services (3rd Party)

Businesses often need access to utilities in order to best promote their products and services to customers. Electricity, water, internet, and other services are the extra polish businesses need to create a quality customer experience. This requires communicating and coordinating with third parties on top of your other trade show responsibilities. When you partner with Cardinal, we take on these responsibilities for you to reduce your stress as well as overall cost. Even if you exhibit at multiple events, Cardinal only charges one annual fee for this service to streamline your expenses.

Artwork, Graphics, & Print Production

A mobile exhibition booth is a great way to get your branding out there in a variety of settings. If you think your look needs a refresh, our on-staff artists and designers can update your exhibit booth’s graphics to new branding standards. We have the capabilities to not only input your existing designs on your exhibit, but also create vibrant charts, signs, and banners, as well as informative company literature like brochures and info packets.

Already have a design team? We’re happy to collaborate with other designers by providing any details and specs they will need to create their own graphics in-house. We then combine your designers’ work with our own 3-D modeling to see how their designs will translate to your mobile outdoor exhibition booth.

Rent or Buy Outdoor Exhibit Displays from Cardinal Expo

Whether you are renting or buying your outdoor exhibit displays, Cardinal is proud to offer you affordable, high-quality trade show solutions. No detail is too small when it comes to pleasing our clients, who come from a wide variety of industries and each have their unique needs.

Whether you need a multi-story structure to make a splash or a mobile exhibition booth to bring your booth on the go, Cardinal is a one-stop shop for every aspect of the design, building, and shipping process. If you plan to exhibit at an outdoor event and want a show-stopping display, connect with one of our experts today.

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