10×20 Exhibit Booth Rentals

A well-crafted 10×20 exhibit booth proves that you do not need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to attracting customers. Bigger isn’t always better, and for a variety of reasons, a larger display may not be the right fit for your business at present. With a professionally designed 10×20 exhibit booth, you can make the most of your space while still drawing crowds and impressing visitors.

10×20 Exhibit Booth Design from Cardinal Expo

Cardinal Expo knows how to utilize 10×20 exhibit booth design to give your business the highest impact possible while staying within budget. Our experienced design team is dedicated to optimizing your 10×20 exhibit booth space through a variety of eye-catching design techniques.

Our seasoned professionals know how to tailor your 10×20 exhibit booth design so it matches not only your branding, but your exhibiting goals. Whether you want to create a social space to connect with customers or equip your booth to display or demonstrate products, Cardinal has options. Want interactive displays and crowd control? We’ve got you covered. Dynamic lighting or video setups? We can handle it. Want a sleek, simple design to spotlight your products and knowledgeable employees? We can do that too.

Cardinal Expo has been in the trade show game for decades, and we have worked with a wide variety of industries, budgets, and objectives. Our expert team members are ready to make the 10×20 exhibit booth design that works best for you.

Why Rent a 10×20 Exhibit Booth Display?

If you intend on being a regular on the trade show circuit, your first instinct may be to purchase a display. However, there are many reasons why newcomers and veterans alike prefer rentals over buying their own 10×20 exhibit booth display.


A 10×20 exhibit booth is one of the best ways to expand your business’ showcase without breaking the bank. This size display is one of the most efficient for a lower budget, and renting a 10×20 exhibit booth also allows your business to try out various display styles before committing to a full-price display. You’ll save more money in the long run if you can determine which style will work best with your business. With rentals, you also avoid incurring the bigger upfront costs of buying displays early in your business’ life. As you expand, the investment may be worth it, but saving resources by renting a booth at the start can give you more flexibility while you build your business and determine the specifications for a booth to buy.


As previously mentioned, rentals enable businesses to try out the versatile features of 10×20 exhibit booth design. Before committing to paying for one display to use at every expo, businesses can test many different versions to gather information about how their customer base interacts with their displays.

The innate flexibility of rental displays also allows businesses to adapt their branding to the environment of each event. If the expo is known to be faced-paced and crowded, a visually appealing booth with standing room will do nicely. If the pace is slower and more methodical, the booth can feature a sit-down area to talk to clients directly. If demos and hands-on interaction are a must, the space can be strategically planned to facilitate those activities and draw customers.

There are different creative options for different scenarios, and it is best for businesses to understand what their main challenges and opportunities will be before investing in the purchase of a booth.


10×20 exhibit booth designs can be configured to give your branding and messaging an extra oomph. The size of these booths allows for significant wall space without looking bare if you go for a more minimal look. Strategically designed and placed visuals can make displays of any size stand out in the crowd.

A 10×20 exhibit booth offers space to share your brand story, incorporate eye-catching visuals, and display all the important information about your products or services. Visuals capture customer attention, even more so when they embrace technology. 10×20 exhibit booths include plenty of wall space for televisions or interactive displays that will draw customers’ interest.

Add on your expert customer service team members running your booth, and you have a recipe for a successful and cost-effective trade show booth.

Product Distribution

10×20 exhibit booths are the perfect size for brands hoping to give out samples at an expo. If a business objective is to network and get your brand’s name out there, it’s best to make room for practical customer interactions with the product. The flexibility of the 10×20 exhibit booth design facilitates comfortable, easy-to-navigate settings for customers to experience and get information about products. Focusing on product demos, hands-on interactions, and sampling is a great way to cultivate leads and get excellent returns on a 10×20 exhibit booth.


10×20 booths offer the display capabilities of larger designs with the approachability and access of a smaller, more intimate booth. While large expo booths can be impressive, they must be meticulously planned in order to fill the space, facilitate personal interactions and networking, and keep all information easy to find and follow. With 10×20 booths, there is plenty of room to showcase business and product information while keeping the focus on the customers themselves by giving them a welcoming environment to gather and ask questions.

Less Responsibility

Renting a booth also provides an invaluable service to businesses: having less responsibility. A seasoned, full-service trade show provider can expertly handle the burdens of complex logistical issues, the duty of shipping materials out on time, the elaborate installation and dismantling of your booth within a strict time frame, and the stress of keeping everything undamaged and spotless. This leaves your organization free to focus on the core of your business.

Creating Your 10×20 Exhibit Booth with Cardinal Expo


To make the most out of your 10×20 exhibit booth, Cardinal will explore and learn about your goals for the specific event your business will be attending. We will assess how you hope to interact with your customers and suggest the optimal designs to meet your needs in accordance with your expo’s specific regulations. Ask any and all questions you have about the process, and our experts will give you guidance!


Clients have two choices with design: have our expert team adapt your custom graphics to one of our existing 3-D booth designs, or create a custom booth design from scratch. Our on-staff designers determine what kind of 10×20 booth will achieve your goals and display your brand story best. We’re more than happy to work alongside any existing design team you may have to coordinate any additional help they need. Then, our fabrication team brings your approved booth design to life by making custom product promoting solutions such as signage, interactive elements, and more.

Exhibit Management

Our turn-key exhibit management services are designed to take clients through every step of the trade show experience. We design, quality-assess, pack, ship, check-in, and set up your booth without you having to lift a finger. Our coordination team works with any third-party show services on your behalf, so any electrical, internet, rigging, or other services are taken care of cost-effectively and on-time.


Cardinal Expo schedules and tracks your 10×20 exhibit booth from the moment it leaves our lot, to the moment it returns after the show. Our coordinators schedule and track the service carrying your material crates from our warehouse all the way to their destination, so you always know your materials will be at the expo on time. We also assign on-site labor to assemble our booths as a standard service, so your 10×20 exhibit booth will be built by an experienced team. The added stress of tracking your own materials before an expo can be draining and distract from other priorities, so we made sure to include this service for every customer who rents through us, so they can focus on the show itself.

Show Site

To ensure the quality of our exhibits, Cardinal provides on-site supervisors to work alongside labor teams to build and take down your show exhibit. Our professionals are there on the sidelines monitoring in case anything should go wrong. They also take care of inventory after the show, so you can relax after an action-packed event.


We cover exhibit pick-up and ensure your booth returns to the warehouse soon after the show. Our team inventories, stores, and repairs any damages that the booth may have taken during an exciting expo. We make sure to photograph every material that returns through our doors, so you can rest assured that every piece is accounted for.

Get the Best 10×20 Exhibit Booth Design with Cardinal Expo

10×20 exhibit booth design requires precision, and trade show industry experience is important for making the most of the booth. That’s why we have made it our business for over 28 years to provide others with the expertise needed to be successful at any trade show.

Expos can be incredibly exciting and full of unique opportunities, but there is also a lot of work that goes into making the experience run smoothly. At Cardinal Expo, we handle all of the requirements and responsibilities, so you can focus on preparing your team to perform their best on the big day.

Want to schedule a consultation? Have questions about our comprehensive trade show services? Contact us today to level up your business’ expo game!

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