With the right combination of charisma, enthusiasm, and eye-catching trade show exhibit rentals, a business representative can turn a trade show or conference into a goldmine of new connections. However, even the hottest leads aren’t worth much if they don’t translate into actual business. Connecting with potential clients at a trade show is only the first step. Try these tips for following up on leads after a trade show.

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

A prompt response to trade show leads is critical to capitalizing on the hard work of the promotional team. Rather than sending out a generic email blast, be sure to include, at the very least, the name and place of the trade show in the subject line and first paragraph. Don’t end the message with a vague call to action but with a straightforward description of how the lead can engage with the company. Try including a link to a demo video, a white paper, or some other specific next step for your lead to take.

Remember That Not All Leads Are Created Equal

This method may take a little more training for the booth staff, but understanding how different leads should be categorized will save time and energy on the follow-up. The hottest leads should be handed directly to the sales team while lukewarm and cold leads should be turned over to marketing for further development and nurturing. A more sophisticated approach could even differentiate leads by region, business type, and even business size.

Place a Visual Reminder in Follow-up Communication

Most trade shows have hundreds of booths. Attendees may talk to dozens of exhibitors, and when all is said and done, it can be hard to recall specifics of a single interaction. Use a photo of the most memorable trade show exhibit rentals and graphics to provide an easy visual reminder in the email.

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