When it comes time to showcase your brand and products in a tropical location, a beach themed trade show booth is a fun way to stand out and create a lasting impact. Whether you are taking your booth to sunny California in Los Angeles, Anaheim, Long Beach, or San Francisco, or you’re headed to coastal Alabama, humid Florida, or anywhere in between, your booth needs to be on theme.

Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to get a sneak peek of exciting industry developments, expand your business, and network with other experts in your field. But in order to make a statement, your booth needs to be a cut above the rest.

Cardinal Expo’s experienced professionals are here to help you create a beach themed trade show booth design that functions seamlessly with your brand identity and marketing objectives—while also bringing the relaxation of the beach right to your booth. Contact us today to get started, and keep reading for our tips on how to create a beach themed trade show booth that is sure to impress.

4 Ways to Stand Out with a Beach Themed Trade Show Booth

When the temperatures start to rise and summer begins, no one wants to stay inside. Long summer days are the perfect time for beach holidays and coastal vacations, a time when people make their way to the nearest body of water in droves to enjoy the warm breezes, hot sand, and cool ocean water.

So, how can you bring that same relaxing energy into the trade show? Check out our top 4 beach themed trade show booth ideas below, bringing the tropical feel and fun-loving energy of the ocean into your trade show booth.

1. Interactive Beach, Boardwalk, and Carnival Games

A beach themed trade show booth made by Cardinal Expo for Capital One. It includes a boardwalk theme and a skeeball game.

One of the most engaging ways to bring the beach to your trade show booth is through interactive boardwalk games. Many of us have fond memories of walking down the boardwalk and playing carnival games. If you bring that element of fun into your booth, your trade show exhibit is sure to be a hit!

Choose competitive games for your beach themed trade show booth that will entertain visitors without getting too messy or taking up too much space. Always prioritize safety and check that you’ll adhere to the venue’s rules.

Cornhole, ring toss, and horseshoes are excellent options if you have space to lightly toss items from a distance in your booth. Skeeball is a great choice too, especially if you want something more compact. Limbo offers a simple alternative that requires even less equipment.

Think about how guests will interact with your game and where the best place to set it up will be. Then, think about branding. You can splash your company logo or slogan across the cornhole or ring toss board. You can even theme the bean bags or balls!

No matter which game you choose for your trade show booth entertainment, ensure that there is enough to go around, giving everyone a chance to get involved. These kinds of interactions will leave a lasting impression, showing your guests that your company is not only knowledgeable, but also fun-loving.

2. Beach Themed Treats, Swag, or Prizes

A close up look at the ice cream offered in Capital One Bank's beach themed trade show booth by Cardinal Expo.

What could be better than a scoop of ice cream at the beach? Attract visitors to your booth with themed treats, such as ice cream, funnel cake, or hotdogs. While they eat, they can explore your booth, watch a video about your products, or talk to one of your staff, encouraging them to engage with your company.

Another way to bring the boardwalk to your trade show booth is through beach themed swag. And if you have a game at your booth, you can use your more expensive beach themed swag as prizes.

One of the best beach themed giveaway items is branded sunglasses. Not only are they extremely useful, protecting customers’ eyes from the sun and UV rays, but they are the perfect blank canvas for your branded logo. Easily portable, sunglasses are one item that everyone needs to have on hand. And every time a guest pulls their branded pair out of their pocket, they will immediately think of your brand.

In addition to branded sunglasses, you can also hand out baseball caps or sun hats. Like sunglasses, these will help protect visitors from the sun. They are stylish, functional, and easy to put on, making them the perfect item for a stylish branded giveaway. These accessories will help your customers have fun in the sun and think about your brand while doing it.

3. Beach Themed Decor

A beach themed trade show booth for Elm Street Technology made by Cardinal Expo. It features an LED wall with ocean waves, marine life, and a branded Elm Street beach ball. The booth is also styled as a tiki hut.

Another way to bring the beach to your trade show booth is through beach themed decor. For example, consider putting up a beach themed mural to make stepping into your booth feel like a breath of fresh, salty air. Murals are beautiful and customizable, so you can put your company logo in the middle of a tropical oasis, associating your brand with relaxation and creating a visually stimulating backdrop for your products.

And if you want to be extra technically-advanced, consider installing beMatrix’s LEDskin® panels or other LED video wall options. These LED panels can be programmed to showcase any image or video, allowing you to incorporate animation and other motion elements into your trade show booth. If you like the idea of a beach themed background, take it to the next level by including moving waves, flying birds, or dancing rays of sun.

You can also incorporate the beach into your furniture. For example, instead of chairs, consider setting up beach chairs or striped lawn seats. These are not only functional and fun, but also less expensive and easier to transport than traditional chairs. You can also include plastic flamingos, parrots, and other exotic animals to up the fun factor. 

Additionally, you can bring the tropics indoors with the help of tropical plants. If you have room in your booth, consider bringing in potted palm trees or brightly colored flowers. This will not only liven up the space, but will also add some beautiful pops of natural color.

4. Beachy Apparel

When it comes to designing a beach themed trade show booth, it helps to think beyond the basics. So once you’ve decided on a beachy backdrop, carnival games, or sunny swag you’re going to hand out, it’s time to think about the little details such as which outfits your staff will be wearing.

While trade show dress codes differ from place to place, there are ways to play off the tropical atmosphere for any style of dress. For example, if your staff are supposed to dress in business casual or business professional clothes, consider adding a tropical tie to the mix. Rather than opting for plain stripes, consider something fun and eye-catching like pineapples, ocean fish, or other beachy creatures.

However, if your staff members don’t have to adhere to a specific dress code and it would be appropriate for the event, consider dressing them all in Hawaiian shirts. Not only are they the ultimate signal of a fun-loving company, they also give your staff a cohesive look, drawing guests’ attention and putting a smile on their faces.

Contact Cardinal Expo to Create a Beach Themed Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a unique opportunity for industry professionals and enthusiasts to come together and share their knowledge. But with so many experts around, it can be hard to stand out. At an exciting event like a trade show, the best conversation starter is a show-stopping display that highlights your products and your industry know-how.

That’s why we’re here to help you construct an eye-catching exhibit. From automotive industry booths to beach themed trade show booths, we have the materials and the knowledge you need to create a beautiful and dynamic exhibit. With a wide array of interactive elements and beach themed decor to choose from, your Cardinal Expo booth is sure to impress.

In fact, all of the photos in this blog post showcase beach themed trade show booths that Cardinal has designed and built! With our expertise, you’ll receive a great design as well as industry insights and end-to-end trade show management services. Contact us below to turn your dream beach exhibit into a reality.

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