Trade shows give your company a chance to show off its industry knowledge and products, interacting directly with prospective customers. But the way staff members present themselves is just as important as how you present your products. Not only do team members need to look professional, but they also need to feel comfortable enough for a long day on the trade show floor. Consider these 5 trade show attire ideas and tips to get started.

Trade Show Attire Ideas: Tips for an Expo Wardrobe

Now that we’re beginning to transition away from Zoom conference calls and back into the real world, it’s an excellent time to revisit our trade show attire ideas. Staff should dress comfortably to stand most of the day. If your team needs to demonstrate how certain products or services work, they should wear clothing that allows them to move.

Anyone who works your trade show booth is also acting as the face of the company. The first impressions that staff make can inform a customer’s impression of the company as a whole.

It is important to look professional and successful, while also ensuring that all staff look cohesive. Careful branding not only keeps everyone looking sharp, but also offers additional visibility for your company logo.

Keep reading to get our top 5 trade show attire ideas and tips to help you represent your brand effectively.

1. Dress for Success with Cohesive Colors

In addition to having a professional booth design, it’s important for workers to coordinate their outfits for the event. Generally, there is no need for a strict uniform. Color-coordinated business casual attire conveys the message that a team is working together to represent the company enthusiastically.

For example, if everyone wears a blue shirt, it makes it easy for guests to know who is associated with the company. If the color your team wears matches or complements your company branding, you can ensure a cohesive theme throughout your booth.

In addition to a matching color, employees should plan to wear slacks and avoid any attire with logos other than that of the company. If they’d like another layer, a blazer or cardigan works well.

But no matter what colors you choose, ensure that your trade show attire ideas match industry standards. While financial or medical industry attire may be more formal, an automotive show or construction expo will be much more relaxed. It’s important to match your attire to these standards so your team fits in well with your audience.

If you don’t know what trade show attire ideas are acceptable, do some research. Look to see whether the show you’re attending has a dress code and check photos from past events to see how people are dressed.

2. Opt for Branded Attire and Name Tags

No matter the industry, you should always opt for branded attire whenever possible. Splashing your branded logo across a polo shirt or another clothing item has countless benefits, the most important of which is advertising your organization’s presence at a trade show. Whether your team is walking around the trade show, grabbing a quick lunch with clients, or manning the booth, their clothes need to make a statement about your brand. 

As brand ambassadors, your staff members are a walking billboard for your company, and they need to make the best impression on the first go-around. This means that while you and your team are out getting extra publicity for your company, all of your actions reflect back on the brand.

So, whether you’re at the show or out on the town, be sure that you’re representing your brand to the best of your ability. Treat everyone with kindness, and refrain from behaving rudely or turning off potential customers. 

In addition to opting for branded attire, also wear name tags. These tags not only help customers identify your brand, but they will also be more likely to remember your staff and your brand name. If your team opts for branded polos, embroider employees’ names directly onto their shirts, helping them to stand out from the herd with extra attention to detail.

3. Avoid Sore Feet with Proper Footwear

A woman wearing tan loafers. Your trade show attire ideas should take both comfort and professionalism into account. Shoes like these help avoid sore feet.

Because trade show exhibit employees will be on their feet all day, they should plan to wear comfortable shoes that have been broken in. Whatever you do, don’t wear brand new shoes!

Though they may look the part, shoes that have yet to be broken in aren’t good for long hours on your feet. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to a variety of issues such as blisters, foot cramps, damaged toenails, and calf cramps, all of which put a major damper on your trade show experience.

That being said, don’t go too casual with sneakers or sandals that look unprofessional. Opt for the happy medium with neutral loafers or plain-toe shoes that have cushion insoles.

If you need to wear heels or other dress shoes, pack a pair of comfy sneakers in your bag to wear between shifts. Swapping out pinchy dress shoes for flat sneakers during your break can make a world of difference, making you more comfortable in the long run.

So, in order to make your trade show experience the best one possible, avoid foot pain by opting for appropriate style as well as comfort.

4. Prepare for Weather and Industry Standards by Packing Extras

As mentioned above, each trade show may have a different standard of dress, depending on the culture of the event and the host city. Shows like the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Impressions Expo in Long Beach, or Seattle Golf Show in Seattle will be less formal than most medical expos, like Medtrade, for example. Be sure to browse the website and social media to see what other presenters have worn in the past. If you’re unsure, pack a couple different options and look on social media to see what presenters are wearing the day of the event.

In addition, encourage everyone on your team to dress in layers in case the temperature inside the convention fluctuates. Pay attention to external factors as well, such as weather, location, and season, in order to dress appropriately.

You wouldn’t want to wear a heavy wool jacket to a sub-tropical climate, just as you wouldn’t want to wear a breezy shirt in freezing cold weather. Pack clothes that are best suited to the trade show destination. But also prepare for the unexpected, such as a sudden rainstorm, with a few extra options.

Also, don’t forget the little details that go a long way to make the right impression. In particular, avoid strong perfumes or colognes.

5. Work with Trade Show Professionals to Ensure Success

Exhibiting at a trade show takes a huge amount of planning, time, and effort. When you work with trade show professionals, you not only ease the burden on your team, but also ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Cardinal Expo offers expert trade show tips for new exhibitors, custom exhibit designs, and on-site help with installing and dismantling your booth. We also provide accessories and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.

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Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for industry enthusiasts and experts to come together and share their knowledge. But with so many experts around, it can be hard to draw visitors’ attention to your booth.

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