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Trade Show Booth Design San Francisco Audiences Will Notice

San Francisco conferences, expos, and events can feel like a whirlwind. Countless organizations and individuals from across the world gather in one city to network, buy and sell goods, and have a good time. This many people in one place means that the competition will be fierce, and your team won’t have a second to spare when preparing for the event, let alone handling your San Francisco trade show booth rental.

That’s where our San Francisco trade show booth builders, designers, logistics experts, and on-site managers come into play. Not only will Cardinal Expo create your dream booth, but we’ll also make sure it arrives on time and it’s assembled correctly before the show. Set yourself, your staff, and your business up for success with a gorgeous, strategic booth and the time to prepare for show day.

Bring Your A-Game with a San Francisco Trade Show Booth Rental

If you’re looking for a way to ease the workload on yourself and your team at your next expo, look no further. Whether you’re looking for San Francisco 20’ x 20’ booth rentals, double deck trade show displays, 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ exhibit rentals, or anything in between, Cardinal Expo has you covered.

We’ve built our business on supplying solutions that make sense to organizations like yours. Whether you need a small profile like the 10’ x 10’, a more imposing profile like the 20’ x 20’, or even a custom option, our team of experts will design the right exhibit for your goals.

Trade show booth design in San Francisco is on a level of its own. When you’re exhibiting in an arena as popular as the Golden City, the quality of your booth design is key. The immense amount of money, experience, and variety that will be found in San Francisco trade show booths are second to none.

We provide exhibit rentals in a variety of shapes and sizes, with each one designed specifically to showcase your brand and its unique qualities. Exhibit rentals from Cardinal Expo include not only the design, but the on-site San Francisco trade show booth builders, logistics, and management staff to ensure that your experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

View our full list of exhibit rentals to learn more. If you don’t see the size you have in mind, don’t worry! We offer custom options as well.

Take advantage of the beautiful coastal California weather with an outdoor display. Many trade expos and events have outdoor components, so don’t be left in the dark or indoors when it comes to these opportunities.

Outdoor displays require higher standards, like weather-resistant materials, an outdoor-friendly layout, covered areas, and more to make your display well-designed and safe for outdoor use. Capitalizing on the outside space with an expo display tailor-made for the outdoors is a great way to broaden your horizons, showcase outdoor products, and draw in new customers.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up your outdoor or lightweight mobile display with Cardinal, check out our catalog of outdoor and mobile displays. Whether you need protection from the wind, rain, cold, or heat, Cardinal keeps you covered.

Is your business too big to be just another exhibitor in the crowd? Are you looking to better spotlight your brand, lead an industry event, or take your corporate meeting to the next level? Creating your own event can prove to be even more beneficial than simply attending, speaking, or exhibiting at someone else’s.

If you’re at a loss on how to begin your event, Cardinal Expo is here to help. There’s a lot that goes into organizing an event yourself. What’s the purpose of your event? What’s the scale? Who should attend? Planning these events can be a full-time job, but there’s no need to do it alone. Our experts can handle the kiosks, displays, decorations, and signage needed for your next event.

Learn more about our offerings for corporate meetings and events.

Our San Francisco Trade Show Booth Rental Sizes

Size is an important consideration of trade show booth design. Ensure that your San Francisco trade show booth rental is the right fit for you by choosing the correct size.

There are many different factors that go into determining the correct size for your trade show booth rental. The size of your organization, your goals, the culture of the expo, and the tastes of your audience will all dictate which trade show booth size will work best.

Your event may even have special restrictions on size and shape. Fortunately, Cardinal Expo offers a range of sizes as well as custom booths to fit your unique needs. We also send to San Francisco the trade show booth builders needed to construct and deconstruct your exhibit, so you never need to worry about managing your booth yourself.

San Francisco 10’ x 10’ Exhibit Rentals

Looking for a streamlined space for your next event? Whether you’re a practiced exhibiting professional or someone looking to start their career, our San Francisco 10’ x 10’ exhibit rentals are a versatile place to start.

Don’t be fooled by their smaller size. Working with Cardinal Expo means that you will be able to capitalize on every single one of those 100 square feet to create a trade show booth design San Francisco audiences will remember. Versatile design, efficient layout, and attention-grabbing marketing materials will transform your exhibit into a landmark at your next expo, regardless of size.

San Francisco 10’ x 20’ Exhibit Rentals

Maybe you want a step up from the 10’ x 10’. Whether it’s a better fit for your space or a desire to make a larger impact, sizing up to one of our San Francisco 10’ x 20’ exhibit rentals will help your organization achieve its desired impact while remaining a manageable size.

More size means more options. Do you want to have multiple sections for several different purposes? Maybe you want more room for activities, meeting space, or storage. Whatever the goal of your exhibit may be, our San Francisco 10’ x 20’ exhibit rentals are a perfect place to get started.

San Francisco 20’ x 20’ Booth Rentals

Here it is. The big one: our San Francisco 20’ x 20’ booth rentals are larger exhibits sure to capitalize on all of your organization’s best qualities. They also provide ample space for anything you can throw at them.

Networking? Selling products? Performing demos? Providing food, games, or other entertainment? One of our San Francisco 20’ x 20’ booth rentals can handle it all. Whether you want to fit more into your next booth or simply want more room to breathe, a 20’ x 20’ exhibit offers you flexibility. We’ll bring professional trade show booth builders to San Francisco for your set-up and take-down, so all you have to do is show up.

San Francisco Double Deck Trade Show Displays

If you want to make more of the space you’ve been given for your next expo appearance, you may want to look into our San Francisco double deck trade show displays. Double deck booths allow you to expand vertically, adding another level to your booth’s design.

Not only does this look striking and create a vertical landmark for the entire expo to see, but adding an extra level to your display also increases the effective square footage of your exhibit without actually taking up more floor space. This is exceedingly effective for those who need more space than anticipated or anyone who wants to make a bigger splash with their trade show booth design in San Francisco.

Why Exhibit in San Francisco?

The 415 can be daunting for first-time exhibitors. One of the most populous cities in the United States, San Francisco is viewed as the cultural and financial center of the state of California. Surrounded by famous cities such as Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, and others, the city is powerfully positioned.

San Francisco is the gathering hub for many businesses and industries worldwide. The city’s positioning makes it a prime location for many enterprises in eastern Asia to make their United States debut, and that makes the location increasingly enticing for businesses in North America or elsewhere to travel to the city.

While known for entertainment and technology, nearly every industry has a place in San Francisco. Aside from its advantageous positioning geographically, the beautiful beaches and outdoor scenery make it a great place to exhibit everything from sporting goods to medical technology in an amazing atmosphere.

But exhibiting in such a busy, competitive environment means that you need to bring your A-game. Cardinal Expo can be there to help with your San Francisco trade show booth rental every step of the way.

San Francisco Trade Shows, Events, and Expos

Attendees at the 2022 Experience Power conference mingle among exhibition booths.

AIA Conference’s Architecture Expo

Owned by the AIA, the Architecture Expo brings manufacturers and brands together with the AEC industry professionals they serve. There are also times devoted solely to the expo, so exhibitors can make the most of the event themselves and attendees never have to choose between seeing the exhibit hall and the rest of the experience. Attendees can even schedule one-on-one meetings with exhibitors in advance of the show or get paired with the right suppliers to meet their needs during registration.


The American Society of Anesthesiologists’ Annual Meeting takes place October 13–17 in San Francisco. ANESTHESIOLOGY 2023 promises to bring industry leaders, innovators, and professionals together to share new clinical science, research, and solutions.

Conference attendees enter the Geo Week exhibition hall.
Attendees at the 2022 Experience Power conference mingle among exhibition booths.


SEMICON West is the premier conference and exhibition for the electronics supply chain industry. Held each year at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, this event brings together business leaders, researchers, technologists, industry analysts, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and do business with major players in the electronics supply chain field.

Start Working with San Francisco Trade Show Booth Builders and Designers

Looking to exhibit at a show in San Francisco but don’t know where to start? It’s not easy. Planning, designing, building, and shipping your exhibit is a full-time job. In fact, it’s multiple full-time jobs, so why not hire a team of professionals to help you do it right?

Cardinal Expo’s professional trade show booth designers will ensure that your exhibit draws upon the full potential of your organization’s branding while meeting your goals for the upcoming show. Our builders, logistics staff, and on-site personnel will ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can focus on your business.

We pride ourselves on doing the best work in the industry, and we believe that our clients should never have to settle for anything less. Contact us below for a free quote to design and build your next trade show booth in San Francisco or anywhere in the U.S.

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