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Trade Show Booth Design Los Angeles Audiences Will Love

Looking to exhibit in L.A. for your next trade show? If you really want to make an impact, you’ll need a gorgeous design that’s fitting for the City of Angels. This task seems daunting, but you aren’t alone in your quest for the best trade show booth design Los Angeles has to offer. Cardinal Expo and our team of design professionals are here to ensure that you get exactly what you need from your Los Angeles trade show booth rental.

Cardinal Expo is a one-stop shop for the best trade show booth rental Los Angeles exhibitors can find. We offer your business full-service exhibit management. This means that the design, planning, logistics, shipping, construction, deconstruction, storage, and more will be handled by our team of experts.

Give your team the time to focus on what’s important: yourselves! Don’t let all of the work associated with your booth distract from your business objectives and preparations to work the trade show floor. We’ll handle your booth every step of the way, whether it’s in L.A. or anywhere else in the U.S. you plan to exhibit.

Endless Options for Trade Show Booth Rental in Los Angeles

You may be tempted to fall into the trap of thinking that bigger is better when going to a place as famous as Los Angeles. This isn’t always the case. Sure, larger booths can often be a shortcut for getting your organization noticed at a crowded expo, but what truly matters is having a well-designed booth that fits the needs and identity of your organization.

The type of booth matters just as much as the size. Will you be presenting outdoors or indoors? Is your trade show going to be cramped or spacious? Are you looking to put on your own event altogether? At Cardinal Expo, we offer an endless number of options to fit any need you may have for trade show booth design in Los Angeles.

Exhibit rentals are how you get your brand noticed at a trade expo, and they’re an invaluable tool for getting your name out there. As useful as they are, they are not one size fits all: 10’ x 10’ exhibit rentals, 20’ x 20’ exhibit rentals, and everything in between or outside that range all have their own unique use cases and purposes.

Not only do you need the correct booth size for your next event, but that exhibit must be perfectly designed, constructed, and managed to have its desired impact. Our team of professionals will assist you in identifying which rental is right for you and handle its design, fabrication, logistics, and management from start to finish.

Check out our full line of pre-set exhibit rental sizes if you’d like to learn more. Don’t see the size you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we offer custom sizes as well.

Who wouldn’t want to attend an outdoor trade show in beautiful Los Angeles, California? With such an attractive environment to draw visitors, exhibitors should also be ready to take advantage of Los Angeles’s beautiful weather and scenery.

Doing so poses a unique challenge, however. Outdoor displays have different structural and design requirements to remain safe and effective when exposed to the elements. The great outdoors can be a wonderful tool, but an outdoor Los Angeles trade show booth rental must meet certain standards to benefit your organization’s exhibiting experience.

Check out our catalog of outdoor and mobile displays to learn more about what it takes to harness the great outdoors at your next trade show.

Sometimes you just can’t find what you need out of trade shows and events that other organizations have produced. Sometimes it’s more efficient to organize your own event to spread the word about your company or network within your unique industry. Oftentimes, the best opportunity for your business to showcase its innovation hasn’t been created yet.

Why not make it yourself? Organizing your own event can be the perfect opportunity to tell the world about your company while networking with others. Cardinal Expo can help with branded displays, kiosks, decorations, signage, and more.

Learn more about our offerings for corporate meetings and events.

Our Los Angeles Trade Show Booth Rental Sizes

When it comes to trade show booth design in Los Angeles or anywhere else, one size does not fit all. To have a truly effective trade show booth, it must be well-designed, match your organization’s identity, and be the right fit for the trade show you are attending.

Every conference hall and trade show floor has different dimensions, allowing for a set number of different booth sizes. Exhibitors must balance their budget with their exhibiting needs to find the right size. Think about how much space you’ll need for your staff, visitors, product displays, demonstrations, giveaways, entertainment, storage, meeting spaces, and more.

This is a lot to consider, but our experts are here to help. We’ve outlined some of our most popular Los Angeles trade show booth rental sizes below to get started. You can also contact us for a free quote and expert guidance on the right booth size for you, both in L.A. and at other shows in your program.

Los Angeles 10’ x 10’ Exhibit Rentals

Size isn’t everything. Having a well-designed exhibit that captures the essence of your organization is. A bigger booth won’t measure up if it is poorly designed, understaffed, or fails to use its space effectively. This is where smaller booths carry certain advantages.

10’ x 10’ booths require less manpower and fewer materials, making them ideal for smaller teams to manage. These booths are great for testing new designs, creating streamlined experiences for visitors, or covering more ground with a couple 10’ x 10’ exhibit rentals instead of a single big booth.

If any of this sounds like you, check out our Los Angeles 10’ x 10’ exhibit rentals. Renting a trade show booth from Cardinal means that you will gain an intimate and well-designed booth that fits your organization’s personality into every square inch.

Los Angeles 10’ x 20’ Exhibit Rentals

10’ x 20’ exhibit rentals are that perfect middle ground for any organization looking to expand past a 10’ x 10’ but still remain in a moderately sized area. A common size like 10’ x 20’ can also be easier to reserve at multiple trade shows if you’re planning to reuse the same booth for several events.

Our Los Angeles 10’ x 20’ exhibit rentals are a step up from the 10’ x 10’, giving your organization more space to showcase your unique qualities and entertain your guests. Whether you need space to display products, perform demonstrations, store inventory, or meet with potential customers, Cardinal Expo has you covered.

If your organization is looking to size up and make a splash with your next trade show booth rental in Los Angeles, a 10’ x 20’ exhibit is the way to go. Our designers will work with you to plan your perfect booth and bring your ideas to life.

Los Angeles 20’ x 20’ Booth Rentals

Looking to dominate your next expo with a larger booth? Need more space to fit all of your guests, products, contests, giveaways, and freebies? Our Los Angeles 20’ x 20’ booth rentals are the perfect option to accommodate all of your needs.

Offering 400 square feet of space, a 20’ x 20’ booth is sure to attract expo guests from across the conference hall, especially if you incorporate exciting graphics or even LED video walls. Not only that, but once visitors arrive, you’ll have plenty of space to educate them about your products, keep them entertained, and make valuable connections.

Additionally, renting with Cardinal Expo means that every single one of those 400 square feet is carefully designed to capture your organization’s personality and serve your goals at the event.

Los Angeles Double Deck Trade Show Displays

Are you looking to tower above the competition? Our Los Angeles double deck trade show displays are the solution you need.

There are several reasons to invest in expanding vertically with your Los Angeles trade show booth rental. You can make more use of the space you’ve been allotted. You can fit more products, private meeting spaces, seating areas, and storage closets in your booth. You can create large-scale graphics and designs that capture the attention of passersby. The possibilities are endless!

Double deck trade show displays are sure to make an impression on any and all guests that visit your booth. If you want to make a big statement with a big booth in Los Angeles, a double deck could be right for you.

Why Exhibit in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a city that truly needs no introduction. Recognized worldwide for its natural beauty, cultural influence, and industry presence, Los Angeles is considered the gathering space for many influential companies and individuals from around the world. It is the biggest city in California and the second biggest city in the U.S. after New York City. Los Angeles is the perfect space for organizations worldwide to come and make connections within their industry or expand their company’s audience.

While L.A. is mostly known for its dominance in the culture and entertainment space, other industries have taken root in the city and are performing well. Finance, technology, and aerospace are all examples of industries that have found themselves among the culture and entertainment within the city.

Los Angeles is a worldwide hub for businesses and leaders alike. No matter your industry or niche, there is a place for you in L.A. You’re also close to a number of other major cities in California, including San Diego, Long Beach, and Anaheim.

But with so many impressive companies here as well, it’s important to invest in equally impressive trade show booth design for Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Trade Shows, Conventions, and Expos

Attendees at the 2022 Experience Power conference mingle among exhibition booths.

LA Auto Show

The LA Auto Show is held annually in the Los Angeles Convention Center. With over 1,000,000 square feet, this show is a major gathering place for everyone from car shoppers to enthusiasts, decision makers, influencers, and innovators from around the world. It is one of the most popular shows of its kind and represents a significant car-buying market.

Pet Health Expo

Pet Health Expo is moving to Los Angeles for its April 2023 show. With more space for attendees and exhibitors than ever before, people from around the world will visit to shop, learn, network, and even adopt a new pet. To compete with all the sights and sounds, invest in great entertainment and a splashy trade show booth rental for this Los Angeles show.

Conference attendees enter the Geo Week exhibition hall.
Attendees at the 2022 Experience Power conference mingle among exhibition booths.

LA Art Show

The LA Art Show is an expo held annually in the Los Angeles Convention Center. One of the most famous and influential art expos in the industry, the LA Art Show is a gathering place for artists, critics, and consumers alike.

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Investing in the design and execution of your trade show booth can mean the difference between an effective exhibiting experience and one that fails to achieve ROI. Allowing Cardinal to handle the design, logistics, construction, disassembly, warehousing, and complete management of your trade show booth means that you and your organization have more time to focus on meeting your goals.

Every audience and show is different. Our team of experts will assist you in capitalizing on these unique opportunities and making your next exhibit one to remember.

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