Trade shows are an exciting and engaging way to reach new customers, reconnect with existing ones, and hone a business’ sales craft. There’s no doubt that they are a worthwhile forum for self-promotion. But when it comes to exhibit booth rentals, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all businesses. It’s important for a business to understand the rules of the convention hall, have a firm grasp on their own budget, and keep pace with the competition.

Know the Rules Before You Go

In most cases, convention halls have standard booth sizes that they’ll allow. Most exhibit booth rentals are 10′ x 10′, but some spaces may offer island or peninsula spaces for booths as large as 20′ x 20′. Booths with raised floors must be ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible. Consult the exhibitor’s manual for venue-specific restrictions and guidelines. To see what different sizes look like, check out booth types available through Cardinal Expo.

Budget Smart

Ultimately, a trade show is about making money. While it may be enticing to go for all the bells and whistles, if a company can garner a satisfactory return on their investment with less, then that’s what they should do. Set up a realistic budget that allows for profit by meeting high but achievable goals.

Check the Competition

No business wants to be outdone by their competitors. For a first-time exhibitor, it may be difficult to know what the competition is offering. But if a business consistently notices that their exhibit is underwhelming compared to their competitors, they might want to think about an upgrade.

Cardinal Expo is a trade show display company with years of experience helping businesses of all sizes succeed. They can walk you through every decision before the show and even provide support during the event. See more reasons to rent from the professionals at Cardinal Expo. Better yet, read what their satisfied clients have to say about the Cardinal Expo experience. When you’re ready to get started crushing sales goals, request more information.