You may be asking yourself “What trade show booth size is right for my business?” if you have an upcoming trade show you’ll be participating in. There’s no doubt that expos are a worthwhile forum for self-promotion. But when it comes to exhibit booth rentals, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all exhibitors. There are 5 key factors to consider before selecting the trade show booth for your upcoming show:

  1. Your Venue’s Regulations
  2. Your Trade Show Budget
  3. Your Business’ Needs
  4. Your Competition

What Kinds of Trade Show Booths Are Available?

If you attend various conventions, you’ve likely noticed how many different styles, sizes, and shapes exhibit booths come in. Tailoring and branding your booth to your business allows you to not only network well, but also to bring people into your world. It’s in your booth that they first imagine how your business, products, or services could be useful to them.


Booth Sizes and Designs

The style and size of your booth is important because it is how you invite potential clients into your business. Sometimes, it’s even the first sight of your business a new contact or client sees. 

 Before deciding what trade show booth sizes you’re interested in, it’s important to know what sizes and designs are available to you through your booth retailer. Most trade show exhibit rental companies, including Cardinal Expo, offer exhibit booths in sizes of 20’ x 20’, 10’ x 20’, and 10’ x 10’.

Cardinal Expo offers several different booth designs available in various sizes:

Which Trade Show Booth Size is Best?

What trade show booth size is best for you depends on a variety of factors, including your trade show budget, the limitations of your venue, and what your business’ goals on the trade show floor are. The following are 5 key details to keep in mind before selecting a trade show booth size.

Know Your Venue’s Regulations

First and foremost, selecting your trade show booth size will come down to the conditions set by your show’s venue. In most cases, convention halls have standard booth sizes that they’ll allow. Most exhibit booth rentals are 10′ x 10′, but some spaces may offer island or peninsula spaces for booths as large as 20′ x 20′. Booths with raised floors must be ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible. Consult the exhibitor’s manual for venue-specific restrictions and guidelines.

Consulting with a trade show industry expert can help you ensure that you select a booth that meets the regulations set by the venue and by your show. When renting a booth from Cardinal Expo, we can assist you in deciding which booth size and style is best for your show, venue, and business. 


Be Honest With Your Budget

It’s important to research the prices for spaces on the trade show floor, for your ideal booth design, and to understand your overall trade show budget. A 10’ x 10’ space may be pricey at one venue, but a 20’ x 20’ space could be more affordable at another. 

Ultimately, a trade show is about making money. While it may be enticing to go for all the bells and whistles, if a company can garner a satisfactory return on their investment with less, then that’s what they should do. Set up a realistic budget that allows you to profit by meeting high but achievable goals.

When it comes to trade shows, you begin to get more return on your investment the longer you’re in the game. Like any skill, you continue to improve and get better with practice. Applying smart budgeting techniques will allow you to keep attending trade shows, which is where you’ll begin to really pull as much value out of your dollar as you can. At the end of the day, it’s important to keep your trade show budget sustainable and manageable.


Understand Your Business’ Needs

Companies should be realistic about how much booth space their business needs based on their goals, as well as the number of staff who will be attending the booth. Going bigger isn’t always better, especially for smaller companies with a limited number of staff working the trade show floor. Businesses with many employees attending the show, or those that expect to have a larger presence at their upcoming expo, should select a more spacious booth space and design. 

You’ll want to consider your business’ scope, products, and services before selecting a trade show booth size. Retailers will need to consider booths that can maintain shelving or space for demonstrations, while service providers may need to prioritize space for one-on-one consultations. Your business’ scope will absolutely impact the trade show booth size and design that will work best for you in the trade show circuit. 


Check the Competition

While it’s true that you need to keep your own business’ goals in mind when deciding on a trade show booth size, no business wants to be outdone by its competitors. And for a first-time exhibitor, it may be difficult to know what the competition is offering. However, if you consistently notice that your exhibit is underwhelming compared to your competitors, it may indicate that it’s time to upgrade your trade show booth. Doing your research on the venue can also help you glean some information about the competition. If a space has primarily large booths each year, it might make sense to go with one of the larger trade show booth sizes, if it works for your budget.

Part of the limitations associated with upgrading your exhibit is you can quickly need the help of a small army to bring everything to fruition. Because of this, exhibit booth rental companies often assist you in every step of the process from planning to packing up. Especially if you are not experienced at the particular trade show you are attending, consulting an expert will give you an edge over the other competitors, even if you aren’t aware of what they might be planning.


Go With Cardinal Expo to Help You Decide What Size Booth is Right for Your Business!

Trade shows are an exciting and engaging way to reach new customers, reconnect with existing ones, and hone in your business’ sales craft. But to reap the benefits of the trade show experience, you’ll want to work with a trade show services partner that can be with you through every step of the process. 

Cardinal Expo is a trade show display company with three decades of experience in helping businesses of all sizes thrive at trade shows. We help businesses all over the country show off their brand through our exhibit booth rentals and our turnkey trade show services.  We can walk you through every decision before your show and even provide support during the event. Want proof? Click here to see some of the fantastic work we’ve done for clients across the country. 

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