Exhibit Rentals for Trade Shows in Baltimore/DC

Baltimore/DC – Home of Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Display

Cardinal Expo offers exhibit rentals at fair and competitive prices. We don’t solely rely on standard prices. Instead, we customize our pricing based on your unique needs. From trade shows in Baltimore/DC to any of our other main service areas, we have you covered.

The Baltimore/DC area is home to close to 6 million people in the metropolitan area. The Metro area is the 4th largest metropolitan area in the country, it also is the most educated and highest-income earning area in the country. There are many exciting attractions in the area, from the numerous museums in the area to all of the professional sports teams in the area.

What Convention Locations are in DC?

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington DC. The convention center is home to over 703,000 square feet of exhibit space. Opened in 2003, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center is home to over 77 customizable meeting rooms, a $4 million art collection, and is metro accessible to the heart of DC.

What Convention Locations are in Baltimore?

The Baltimore Convention Center, is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore, Maryland. The city is a municipal building owned and operated by the City of Baltimore. The convention center has more than 300,000 square feet. The convention center was opened in 1979 and is located in downtown Baltimore at 1 West Pratt Street.


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Other Locations

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Exhibiting in DC/Baltimore?

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