Trade shows are a great way for companies to generate leads and connect with potential clients, but it’s important to stand out from the competition. One way companies can do that is by giving away promotional items at their trade show exhibit booth, and the key is to use the right swag to ensure that attendees remember the company brand long after leaving the exhibit hall.

Communicating a Message

It’s important to give away items that communicate the brand’s message. While it may seem obvious, companies sometimes overlook putting their brand name or logo on the item! Next, it can be helpful to give out items that relate to the specific type of trade show, such as a mousepad at a tech-oriented trade show. Finally, companies should choose practical items that are useful, to receive the most bang for their marketing buck.

Cutting Costs

Expensive items attract attention, but won’t necessarily generate viable leads. Companies giving away headphones, for example, will see traffic at their trade show exhibit booth, but that doesn’t mean that every person that walks up should be given headphones. Instead, items should be given out only to serious leads, like those who watch a video presentation. Additionally, look for ways to cut costs on shipping items to an out-of-town trade show exhibit hall.

Practical Giveaway Items

Unique but useful items will make a brand stand out. Reusable tote bags can be used by attendees on the spot, keeping the company’s logo in front of everyone’s eyes at the show. Lightweight smartphone wallets hold phones, credit cards, and driver’s licenses and are convenient for travelers who need to minimize what they’re carrying. Lip balm is another practical, inexpensive item that will get regular use. Companies willing to invest a little more into swag might check out customized USB phone chargers, which attendees will use on the spot and long after the show, keeping the company’s brand at the forefront of their minds. Finally, giving away digital downloads or eBooks allows the company to collect the email addresses of attendees and personally follow up with them when sending the digital item after the show.

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