As the largest home medical equipment trade show and conference in the U.S., the Medtrade expo is a prime opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their products and offerings. With thousands of HME providers flocking to the event each year, planning your booth design and strategy well in advance is key to standing out on the expo floor and meeting your objectives.

Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or gearing up for your first Medtrade show, there’s a wealth of preparation that can elevate your presence and maximize your impact. Keep reading or contact us today to discover how Cardinal Expo can assist in ensuring you succeed at the next Medtrade show.

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Why Exhibit at Medtrade 2025?

Medtrade brings together thousands of medical professionals and experts in medical equipment. Be part of that number! Exhibiting at Medtrade 2025 presents companies with a range of benefits.

Sales and Networking Opportunities

According to the latest data from Medtrade:

  • 77% of people who attend are involved in purchases where they work.
  • The #1 reason people attend is to discover new products, and the #3 reason is to meet new vendors.
  • 80% of their annual purchasing volume is $250,000 or higher.

In 2024, Medtrade also introduced 30-minute technology presentations from exhibitors to educate attendees and drive traffic to presenters’ booths.

In addition to the Medtrade expo, the event offers unparalleled networking opportunities, serving as a prime platform for connecting with fellow experts, professionals, and potential customers. Through face-to-face interactions and targeted networking sessions, exhibitors can forge meaningful relationships and explore potential partnerships that can drive business growth.

Industry Insights and Competitor Research

The Medtrade show serves as a hub for expanding knowledge. With access to a diverse range of offerings and innovations in the expo hall, exhibitors can deepen their understanding of the latest trends and developments in the HME market. Whether it’s exploring cutting-edge technologies or discovering innovative solutions, Medtrade provides exhibitors with the opportunity to showcase their products and stay abreast of industry advancements.

Checking out your competition at Medtrade can give you firsthand insights into what you’re up against. See how the industry is changing, how competitors are adapting, and how your audience reacts to inform your own strategies.

Educational sessions provide attendees and exhibitors alike with invaluable insights and industry expertise. From informative seminars to expert-led workshops, these sessions empower companies to stay ahead of the curve and navigate the ever-evolving HME landscape with confidence. By tapping into the wealth of knowledge offered at Medtrade, exhibitors can gain a competitive edge and position themselves as leaders in their field.

Creating a Successful Booth for Medtrade Expo

A Medtrade expo booth that Cardinal made for a client, showcasing strategic layout and design

Creating a successful booth for the Medtrade conference and expo involves strategic planning and execution to captivate attendees and drive engagement. Whether showcasing products, equipment, devices, software, or services, the key is to provide an immersive and interactive experience that resonates with visitors.

Promoting Physical Products

For physical products, equipment, and devices, it’s essential to have them present at your booth and set up for visitors to interact with. Create inviting displays that allow attendees to see and experience your products firsthand. Consider incorporating live demonstrations to showcase functionality and highlight key features. Providing hands-on experiences can significantly enhance engagement and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Promoting Services and Technologies

For technologies, software, and services, utilize interactive screens or tablets to demonstrate functionality and showcase the benefits of your offerings. Incorporate engaging content, such as videos or interactive presentations, to convey key messages effectively. Allow visitors to explore your software or technology through demonstrations (live or pre-recorded) when possible. 

Leveraging Audience Interaction

Regardless of the type of offerings being showcased, accessibility is key. Designate areas for demonstrations and interactions, and use signage or displays to highlight benefits. Make sure your booth is designed to facilitate these interactions. Because there’s a significant emphasis on continuing education at Medtrade, attendees may spend less time on the exhibit floor than at other trade shows, so it’s crucial to get their attention quickly.

The Best Booth Locations at the Medtrade Show

Selecting the ideal booth location at the Medtrade show requires careful consideration of floor availability and company budget. Optimal booth locations include areas with high foot traffic, such as the front entrance. Attendees naturally congregate in these areas, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement opportunities throughout the event.

However, these spots also tend to be in the most demand. Huge companies with ample resources will likely secure coveted booth spaces near the front door. If you have the budget to do this, we highly recommend it! If you don’t, Medtrade has a food court which will also attract attendees, so consider booth locations near there.

We’ve also seen success with smaller exhibitors who are able to piggyback off larger companies at the show. Find a booth location near a larger exhibitor that aligns with your industry and target audience. By strategically positioning yourself alongside a large company that’s bound to attract attention, you can leverage their presence for yourself and access a broader range of potential customers who will be in the area.

Advice for Staff Working the Show Floor

The top of a double decker Medtrade show exhibit that Cardinal designed, built, and installed for a client

Designing an eye-catching, strategic trade show booth and securing a good location aren’t the only pieces of the puzzle. Once you attract attendees to your booth, it’s up to your staff to engage them. Here are some key tips to ensure your team’s success on the expo floor at Medtrade 2025.

Maintain Professionalism

First impressions matter, so ensure your booth staff present themselves in a polished and professional manner. This includes dressing appropriately for the Medtrade expo, where people tend to be well-dressed and professional. It also means maintaining a friendly, approachable demeanor at all times when working the booth. Be sure to support staff by giving them the resources and breaks they need!

Be Prepared to Engage

Staff should familiarize themselves with all products or services, but especially those on display. They should also come prepared with promotional materials and anything they need to perform demonstrations. This will enable them to answer questions confidently and persuasively. As mentioned earlier, many attendees will be spending time on continuing education, so booth staff need to be able to quickly engage prospects and give them an elevator pitch.

Follow Up Promptly

Follow up promptly with leads and inquiries generated during Medtrade. Collect contact information from interested attendees and follow up with personalized communications, continuing the conversation and nurturing relationships post-event. Timely follow-up demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and can help to convert warm leads into loyal customers.

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Shipping to Medtrade 2025

When preparing for the Medtrade expo, strategic shipping logistics are essential to ensure a seamless and successful exhibiting experience. From main exhibit elements like booth furniture and lighting fixtures to promotional materials such as giveaways and printed materials, exhibitors must carefully consider what to ship to the event and how to get it there safely.

Decisions about when, where, and how to ship materials play a pivotal role in optimizing logistics efficiency and minimizing risks. Shipping to an advance warehouse provides benefits such as proximity to the venue, larger shipping windows, and potential cost savings. However, exhibitors must be mindful of potential disadvantages, such as increased handling and the risk of damage.

Alternatively, shipping directly to the event site offers convenience but comes with constraints like smaller shipping windows and potential delays. Choosing the right shipping method based on priority, cost, and the nature of the items being shipped is crucial for ensuring a successful exhibiting experience at the Medtrade trade show.

For this event in particular, many exhibitors will be shipping expensive and delicate equipment. We recommend taking extreme caution with these items and not going through the preferred show shipper. In addition, if your equipment requires any specific electrical outlets, be sure to plan for this in advance. Make sure the venue supports what you need and it’s possible well in advance so you can change your plans if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people attend Medtrade?

The 2024 Medtrade conference attracted more than 2,300 attendees. This does not include the hundreds of exhibitors!

Where is Medtrade’s exhibitor list?

The exhibitor list can be found on the Medtrade website under the drop down menu titled “Show Info.”

Where is Medtrade’s floor plan?

The floor plan can be found on Medtrade’s “Floorplan / Exhibitor List page.

What are the best hotels for Medtrade?

Hotel recommendations can be found on Medtrade’s “Hotel Accommodations” page. The event offers exclusive deals and discounts for certain hotels.

What are Medtrade’s show hours?

The 2025 Medtrade conference will take place February 18–20, and the expo will take place February 19–20. The show’s exact hours have not yet been confirmed.

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