Trade shows offer companies an opportunity to present information directly to the public, introducing prospective customers to new products or services. The successful trade show exhibit presenter will not only convey a visually compelling display but also dress as a winning team member. Here are some tips for what to wear on the trade show circuit.

Dress for Success

In addition to a professional booth design, it’s important for workers to coordinate their outfits for the event. Generally, there is no need for a strict uniform, but color-coordinated business casual attire conveys the message that a team is working together to represent the company enthusiastically. For example, if everyone wears a blue shirt, it makes it easy for guests to know who is associated with the company and depicts a cohesive theme. In addition to a matching color, employees should plan to wear blazers, slacks, and avoid any attire with logos other than that of the company.

Avoid the Agony of the Feet

Because trade show exhibit employees will be on their feet all day, they should plan to wear comfortable shoes that have been broken in. That being said, don’t go too casual with sneakers or sandals that look unprofessional. Opt for the happy medium with neutral loafers or plain-toe shoes that have cushion insoles.

Plan for the Unexpected

Each trade show may have a different standard of dress, depending on the culture of the event and the host city, so be sure to browse the website and social media to see what other presenters are wearing. Also, don’t forget the little details that go a long way to make the right impression. Avoid strong perfumes or colognes, and dress in layers in case the temperature inside the convention fluctuates.

Seek Professional Guidance

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