Trade shows give businesses a chance to highlight their best features. If their booth lacks personality or their representatives aren’t engaging, they’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to find new customers and partnerships. Here are some tips for keeping things fun and attracting attention at conventions.

Try Out Some Games

No matter how impressive a company’s offerings are, they can still get lost in the shuffle among all of the information that gets thrown around during trade shows. To make a lasting impression, booths should be interactive and memorable. That’s where games come in. If a company’s booth offers some form of competition, prizes, or just talking points, attendees will spread the word. Even if they’re not playing, people will probably stop and watch what’s happening, which can be just as valuable.

Demonstrate the Product

Demonstrations are another way to attract people to a booth by providing them with a deeper understanding of the products. This type of booth display is particularly helpful if a company’s services are hard to explain. Sometimes the best way to teach people is a demonstration. The key is to practice the demonstration extensively so that it goes smoothly. The last thing a company wants is to look like they don’t know what they’re doing.

Hire a Host

Though a company’s employees may be experts in their industry, a professional host knows how to control a room and draw people’s attention. Hiring an experienced entertainer can be a good choice for interacting with trade show attendees. They can be briefed with broad overviews of the company and its goals. Once the host reels in a serious prospect, a more knowledgeable employee can take over the conversation.

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Find an Eco-friendly Booth

Building materials that can be recycled or reused are the first consideration for creating a “green” booth. Ask about having a reusable exhibit rental. Also, consider the lighting and how it could be modified to use less energy.

Give Reusable or Digital Promos

Any convention attendee can attest that by the end of the day, they have bags worth of info and swag. How can a company stand out amidst it all without creating waste? Consider reusable giveaways like mugs and travel bags, which attendees can enjoy more than once. Promos made of recycled materials also help reduce waste. Alternatively, instead of trinkets or promos, offer digital coupons or other relevant digital promotional giveaway.

Travel Light

One environmental cost of conventions is the carbon emissions caused by traveling and shipping. Prioritize using local suppliers for giveaways and try to find direct flights to the convention city. Attendees can also carpool from the hotel to the convention center rather than taking separate cabs to reduce their impact. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to go green at your next trade show or you need to find the perfect exhibit, CX Exhibits is the one-stop-shop for all your convention-related needs, including exhibit design and rentals. We are able to work in any major convention city and customize an exhibit to meet your needs. Contact us today for your free quote.