While some companies think that purchasing a booth for trade show exhibits is a smart investment, it can cost more in the long run than renting. There are downsides to purchasing a booth that many companies don’t think about until they’ve already signed the check, making trade show exhibit rental the way to go for companies who want a professional, stand-out booth at every show.

Help Every Step of the Way

Working with a booth rental company like Cardinal Expo means that businesses will have guidance through every step of the trade show process, from visualizing the initial concept to storing the booth after the show. Companies who purchase their booths have to do everything themselves, including designing and printing banners and promotional materials, shipping the setup to the venue, installing it, manning the booth, shipping the booth back to storage, and much more. Utilizing a company like Cardinal Expo takes care of the hard work, so management simply shows up to work the booth, and everything else is taken care of.

Complete Customization

Companies who use a trade show exhibit rental instead of purchasing their booths have complete freedom with their design. A rental company allows businesses to choose a distinct booth layout every time, instead of buying one and having to stick with the same size and set up at every event. Rental booths can be customized to fit a particular event or venue. Plus, when renting, nothing ever looks old, outdated, or inappropriate for the event. A trade show exhibit rental is perfect for up-and-coming businesses who foresee future growth, possible brand or logo changes, or any other alterations.


Sometimes, companies think they’ll pay more to rent a different booth for every show, but this is far from the truth! One price is paid to the trade show exhibit rental company for the rental, and it includes transport, setup, maintenance, and tear down. Companies who own their booths have to pay for each of these items separately for every single show which adds up quickly. The cost doesn’t even include any costs for modifying the booth or design elements between shows! It’s no wonder why renting is three times less expensive than buying a booth.

To learn more about the advantages of renting over purchasing, and for a free quote on your booth, contact Cardinal Expo at 504-930-3545!