This year’s SEMA Car Show is just around the corner, and it may have current or future exhibitors wondering how they can present the best version of their organization at the car world’s biggest event. Whether you’re exhibiting at this year’s SEMA Car Show or will in the future, there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes work your team can do to make the most of the experience. Keep reading to learn more about how the exhibition experts at Cardinal Expo can help your booth shine on the Vegas strip.

Exhibiting Best Practices for SEMA Car Show

The location of your booth can help make or break your success on the expo floor. To aid your chances of SEMA Car Show success, keep the following factors in mind before deciding on a display design or booth space:

Know Your Floor Plan

At major shows like SEMA, where over 2,000 companies will be exhibiting, your booth space options may be determined by the exhibit hall’s organization. For example, the floor plan for SEMA Car Show 2021 is divided into 7 main areas of the Las Vegas Convention Center, with each area dedicated to exhibitors working in specific facets of the auto industry.

To get your booth space approved and ensure your best chances of success at SEMA, look out for booth spaces located in the exhibition hall associated with your specific industry. 

Maximize Your Visibility

Once you’ve found the area of the show floor that fits your business’ specialty, you’ll want to consider the best placement for your booth in your expo hall. There are a few key areas of your showroom you may want to consider :

  • Entrances and exits to the showroom, where foot traffic will remain high and consistent as attendees come and go from the showroom
  • Near bathrooms and food stops, where attendees will naturally flock to as the day goes on, leading to higher visibility for your booth
  • Areas of intersection, where attendees may need to look up for directions or pause to figure out where to go next
  • Near displays for major companies or large displays, which will naturally attract attention to your booth’s general area

Submit Your Paperwork

Ideally, you want to ensure that all of your necessary trade show paperwork has been completed and submitted before the due date. All submission deadlines and due dates for exhibitors can be found on the official SEMA Car Show website

Prep Your Show Team

To get the most out of your SEMA Car Show experience, you need your team to be prepared for the fast-paced environment of the show floor. Trade shows typically provide exhibitors with additional  materials and information about the show in the months leading up to the event. This can help you plan out which networking and educational opportunities, discounts, and other opportunities you’ll want your team to take advantage of while at the show.

Making Your SEMA Car Show Booth Stand Out

Las Vegas sign outside of SEMA Car Show venue

Design a Well-Balanced Booth

Typically, it’s best to keep your display simple and clean when exhibiting at an auto trade show. While your display should stay true to your branding, it should highlight your products and services above all else. But at large industry events like SEMA, exhibitors may want to include interesting, eye-catching display elements to stand out on the show floor. 

Consider Buying Your Display

There’s many great benefits to buying your own trade show display rather than renting one out. For businesses who want to stay involved in their industry’s trade show circuit, buying your booth is the best way to invest in your future exhibition experiences, and to access a wider range of display customization options.

Work with a Full-Service Trade Show Partner

There’s no better way to prepare a show stopping display for the SEMA Car Show than partnering with an exhibit house that can make your display dreams come to life. Full-service trade show companies like Cardinal Expo can help you through every step of the exhibiting process—from crafting a one-of-a-kind branded display for your business, to preparing gifts and swag bags for SEMA Car Show attendees to take home.


Prepping for the SEMA  Car Show? Partner with Cardinal Expo

For nearly three decades, Cardinal Expo has been a national leader in the trade show services industry. We offer turnkey expo services for every aspect of the exhibiting experience— from display design and branding, to shipping, logistics, and set up. With flexible pricing and a wide variety of display options to consider, Cardinal can truly make the trade show display that ‘s right for your organization.

Whether you’re preparing to exhibit at SEMA Car Show, or one of the thousands of trade shows hosted in America each year, Cardinal has the products and services your team needs to succeed. Contact one of our sales professionals today to learn more about how Cardinal Expo can help you thrive at your upcoming trade show. 

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