Trade shows and conventions are lively social environments where people in different industries can connect, reconnect, and cut loose together. But at the end of the day, it’s only worth the price of admission when trade show exhibits generate meaningful leads that can be turned into valuable clients. Here are three tips to help turn attendees into promising prospects.

Have the Right Information

Too often, trade show exhibits are overloaded with data. From displays to sales staff spouting every statistic on the brochure, it can dilute the message. Make sure booth staff have the elevator pitch down, the crucial kernel of knowledge that every prospect should walk away with. How does this product or service save time or money? Why does the prospect need it? There should be no wasted language in the staff’s pitches as well as any brochures or documentation.

Look to Connect After-Hours

That’s what those drink tickets are for! Too many people think the work can only happen inside the trade show exhibits themselves. The key to good business is building strong personal relationships. If a booth staff member has an especially good conversation with an attendee, then set up a meeting for drinks later to further the conversation.

Targeted Follow Up

At even a mid-size convention, an attendee can easily have over 100 conversations in a single day. Following up the next Monday with a generic note to every email address collected is a good way to go straight to the recipient’s junk mail folder. For attendees that seem promising, have booth staff make notes next to contact information, something personal related to the conversation, the attendee’s business, and anything that can be put in the follow-up to remind the attendee of this particular interaction. This will help make sure the messaging stand out from all of those other emails.

Well-designed trade show exhibits are the first step to attracting convention attendees and turning them into promising leads. Cardinal Expo offers turnkey exhibit rentals as well as the tools and knowledge to turn your design concept into reality. With a range of exhibit services available in every major convention city in the United States, we can provide you with everything you need to make your next tradeshow a rewarding one. Contact us today for a free quote.

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