Trade shows are a tried-and-true way to connect with potential clients, get face time with existing clients, and brush up on the latest trends in an industry. While generations of professionals have worked trade shows, social media marketing is a comparatively new tool. Combining these two strategies can multiply their effectiveness. A good trade show display company can help you combine an exhibit with social media to increase impact.

Before: Take Advantage of LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook

Before the trade show begins, it’s a good idea to do some social media homework. Connect with industry members on LinkedIn to invite them to attend the trade show and visit your booth. Follow the event’s official hashtag on Twitter and use it to promote the business’s presence at the show. Consider hosting a post-show mixer or another event after the trade show by creating a Facebook event.

During: Promote Satisfied Customers at the Show

While the focus at trade shows is usually on finding new customers, it’s a good idea to connect with people already enthusiastic about a business’s products or services. Ask the most enthusiastic customers to offer short testimonials that can be posted across social media platforms.

After: Follow-Up With Contacts on Social Media

Don’t let all those business cards go to waste! After the show, connect with people on LinkedIn or even Facebook. This way, they’ll become a regular part of the business’ news feed, rather than just another name in a stack of cards. This will grow the business’s social media reach.

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