The heart and soul of good business are people connecting with other people. Well-designed trade show exhibits are critical to drawing prospects in and conveying a message, but it’s a company’s representatives who are responsible for turning prospects into leads and leads into clients. Here are three tips for staffing trade show exhibits with the right people for any business. (And be sure to check out these more general trade show tips as well!)

Information Is Key

By and large, trade show attendees spend the days in the given event’s industry or a related field. These are not laypeople, and their questions will reflect that. Make sure booth staffers are equipped to answer sophisticated and detailed questions by putting all the necessary promotional material at their fingertips on a smartphone or tablet.

Dress the Part

The appropriate dress can vary widely depending on the type of business. In some industries, informal wear might be appropriate, while others might be better off with their reps in tuxedoes. Whatever the case, avoid having staff who blend in with attendees. There should be no doubt as to who is working the booth. An easily-identifiable uniform or matching color scheme with a look that is brand appropriate works best.

Delegate Responsibilities

The best trade show exhibits have teams of staff that each focus on a discrete function to make up one lead-generating machine. Crowd gatherers work outside the footprint of the booth and engage people in the aisles, directing them to the exhibit where a host acts as a brand ambassador, making attendees feel welcome. Hosts pass promising visitors on to lead gatherers and sales staff. The sales staff pitch and qualify attendees and focus on collecting contact info. By giving every team member a defined role, there will be fewer moments of staff stepping on each other’s toes trying to get that crucial lead.

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