Over the past decade, businesses have learned the power of social media for advertising, interacting, and connecting with customers. When it comes to trade shows, experienced social media pros know to take advantage of online interactions before, during, and after a show to leave a lasting impression on attendees. These easy tips will help any company optimize its exhibit for social media.

Post Early and Often

There’s never enough time on trade show day to speak with every exhibitor. Social media helps eliminate this pain point by offering the chance to interact in advance. Hashtags are used to create buzz on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; using them to contribute to the conversation long before trade show day can increase brand recognition and the chances of making meaningful connections.

Embrace Authenticity

No one joins social media for the ads; it’s all about connection. Personal, engaging content is most powerful. Content featuring—and created by—a company’s exhibitors puts familiar, approachable faces in front of attendees. Take it to the next level by encouraging exhibitors to post their own content during the show to highlight their unique experience at the trade show booth.

Know Where to Go

Facebook may still be the world’s leading social media platform, but it isn’t the only one. In fact, other platforms may even be more effective for social engagement, depending on the product, service, or industry. When it comes to trade shows, most buzz takes place on Twitter using event-specific hashtags; discussions often continue afterward on LinkedIn. Do some research and figure out where the most relevant industry conversations are happening.

Put Yourself Out There

In 2019 it should be mandatory to include social media accounts on marketing materials like business cards and brochures. But there are tons of other creative ways to promote your company’s social media accounts at trade shows, including:

  • Contests encouraging online engagement
  • Scannable QR codes directing prospects directly to each account
  • Promodeck flooring customized with a brand’s contact details

There are endless ways to promote your social media accounts, and CX Exhibits can help you integrate them into attention-grabbing trade show booth designs customized to fit your marketing strategy. And when you rent an exhibit booth with us, we’ll provide both installation and dismantling services so your team can focus on making those meaningful connections. Call CX Exhibits today at (504) 475-2389 for a free quote.

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