According to the Trade Show News Network, trade shows generate a staggering 600,000 tons of trash annually from their 60 million attendees. It’s impossible to overlook the significant environmental impact of these shows, which is why many have decided to go green in recent years. Here are some simple ways to join the movement.

Start with the Venue

The first decision most trade show attendants make is to pick a venue, so it’s the best way to start off on the right foot to go green. It’s a good idea to research the construction and waste management practices of potential facilities beforehand. To make it easier, attendants can keep an eye out for venues with an International Green Meeting Certification, which is awarded by a non-profit third party organization led by the EPA.

Use Green Materials

Materials used in trade show displays often end up in a landfill, but choosing greener options can reduce waste. Attendants can use eco-friendly retractable banners and work with companies that produce recyclable or even biodegradable trade show materials. Another simple solution is to rent trade show materials instead of buying them, which means they won’t be thrown away after the event.

Reduce Paper Use

An effective trade show booth will keep patrons thinking of its products or services long after they leave the show. Many believe that handing out paper materials is the only way to make their offerings memorable. However, paper handouts contribute to the destruction of approximately 68 million trees each year, according to Record Nations. In order to avoid paper use without sacrificing the staying power of a good display, make a trade show exhibit unforgettable. This can be done with unique lighting, notable concept designs, and specific customizations that set a booth apart.

Whether it’s a company’s 1st trade show or its 50th, making the right impression is everything. For more information about memorable displays or how to keep booth rentals green, contact Cardinal Expo for a free quote today!

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