Exhibitors and attendees at medical trade shows have shifted their focus in recent years. A look at display trends reveals how successful booths are breaking through the current clutter and holding attendees’ attention with novel designs and strategies.

Clean Cut Designs With Interactive Displays

“Clean” is the byword for new trends in medical trade show booth style and layout. Today’s stand-out displays invite attendees into open, uncluttered spaces defined by sparse, straight lines. Decor features cool tones and wooden accents against soft white backgrounds with large, crisp, backlit graphics. At the same time, healthcare booths are increasingly less formal and have more interactive environments that tailor their appeal to particular audiences. Once interest is captivated, attendees can then explore the technology behind the booth’s product and message.

Exhibits are now less about presenting innovation and more about allowing attendees to experience it directly through interactive touchscreen tours and virtual or actual demo stations. Tech-savvy booths are also saving money and maximizing ad space by using customizable, changing electronic video frames rather than static graphics to communicate information visually.

Consistent Brand Design

Trade show exhibitors should see the booth experience as an extension of the brand. It’s important that the space present an image consistent with its message. Booth design elements like furniture, hardware (e.g., displays, computers), and even incidentals should all complement the design aesthetic of the medical device, the brand, and the booth.

Different Messages Tailored to Specific Audiences

Some participants at medical trade shows want to communicate distinct selling points to different crowds. To minimize booth clutter and avoid message convergence, many of these companies divide their footprint—that is, they present two booths in different areas of the same show floor. Each display focuses on a single message to particular audiences, ensuring that the company consistently communicates both ideas at the event.

Keeping up with the latest display trends can be costly, and equipment can quickly become obsolete. Renting trade show display equipment from an experienced trade show rental consultant allows companies to easily customize their booths without the burdens of storage, maintenance, or replacement. To secure reliable, spectacular trade show rentals for your next medical trade show in any major convention city, call the experts at CX Exhibits at (504) 475-2389.

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