Almost every company that works in the auto industry will participate in a trade show at some point. Beyond displaying cars, parts, tools, and other products, there are several ways businesses can use their exhibits to make a strong impression on potential clients and partners.

Keep It Simple

One way to make a booth at an automotive trade show stand out is by keeping it simple. People who are walking by should be able to tell what a company offers just by glancing at its exhibit. A streamlined display with the car or automotive products as the main focus is the best way to let a business’s products speak for themselves.

Add Creative Touches

On the other hand, another way to grab people’s attention is including a few unusual exhibit design elements, but still never so elaborate that they deter from the product. Strange shapes and angles, oversized company logos, or large areas of white space can all help an exhibit stand out. Playing with the traditional look of a trade show booth and trying something different can give potential clients a preview of a business’s creativity.

Make Free Goodies Count

The staff at trade show booths often give away free swag that’s branded with company and product logos. Instead of offering the usual hats, bags, and pens, companies should try upgrading to more industry-specific giveaways. Potential clients at a trade show are more likely to take and actually use branded car tools and accessories, such as emergency kits, air fresheners, and ice scrapers, which will keep a business’s name and products top of mind.

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