Trade shows offer businesses a number of opportunities to expand their brand, generate sales, and attract new clients and partners. One great way to make a strong first impression at a trade show is to have a unique, head-turning booth. Here are a few design ideas and tips that can help trade show booths stand out among the rest.

Optimize Two-Dimensional Booth Displays

Two-dimensional displays such as graphics, posters, and banners should convey as much information about the business as possible without being too busy or confusing. This can be accomplished by keeping taglines to six words or fewer, limiting the overall color palette used, and leaving a healthy amount of blank space—not revealing too much about products and services will increase interest and curiosity. Additionally, placing scannable QR codes on graphics is a great way to direct traffic to the company’s website.

Create an Inviting Physical Space

Trade shows see a lot of foot traffic, and booth designs that are physically inviting and comfortable are more likely to attract potential clients who walk by. Booths should be kept spacious and free of clutter, including unnecessary furniture. Freestanding displays with interactive elements can both attract guests and guide them through the booth space. A great way to attract and retain visitors is to offer much-needed conveniences, such as free WiFi or smartphone charging ports. It’s also a good idea to have a semi-private area set aside for meeting one-on-one with new contacts.

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