Trade shows are an excellent way for companies to get their name and products out there, but using the wrong size or type of exhibit booth may draw the wrong kind of attention. Before moving forward with a trade show exhibit rental, businesses should know what kind of booth to use for the most significant impact.

Booth Sizes and Designs

First, it’s important to know what booth sizes and designs are available. Most trade show exhibit rental companies, including Cardinal Expo, offer exhibit booths in sizes of 20’ x 20’, 10’ x 20’, and 10’ x 10’.

Cardinal Expo offers several different shapes of booths available in various sizes:

  • Inline: Measuring 10′ x 10′ or 10’ x 20’, enclosed on each side except the front.
  • Island: A20’ x 20’ or larger, with open aisle space on all sides.
  • Double Decker: Makes the most of vertical space to enhance the company’s presence.

Many venues have height and spatial restrictions, so trade show exhibit rental companies will ensure the booth adheres to all guidelines.

Which Size Is Best?

When renting a booth, Cardinal Expo will assist in deciding which size and style to pick depending on the show type. First, it’s important to research prices for spaces. A 10’ x 10’ space may be pricey at one venue, but a 20’ x 20’ space could be more affordable at another. Understanding the layout of the venue and where the competition will be set up is also important; companies who want to stand out may choose a larger exhibit near the front, where traffic is heaviest. Plus, no one wants to be next to a competitor with a booth twice the size of their own! Companies should be realistic about how much space their business needs. Going bigger isn’t always better, especially for a small company with only one employee working the booth. Businesses with multiple employees working the trade show should select a more spacious booth.

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