When attending a trade show, it’s important for companies to make their booth stand out amongst the hundreds of other attendees. Aside from branding the booth with the company’s logo, color can be used to communicate a message and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the trade show exhibit booth.

Use Colors That Make Sense

It’s important to use colors that make sense for each company and communicate its message. A “green” or eco-friendly company might choose a green and yellow color scheme. It wouldn’t make sense for them to use pink or purple shades, but those colors might work for a cosmetics company. Tech companies often combine silver with other bright colors, because silver sends the message that they are modern and sophisticated. Companies should pick colors that clearly communicate who they are and what they do.

Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal

Most companies display their brand name or logo prominently on the outside of their trade show exhibit booth, so the rest of the setup could play off the colors in the logo. If the logo is blue and green, then those colors can be used on the stand, on banners and other printed materials, on booth accessories, and elsewhere on the booth. To avoid overusing one or two colors, companies might consider using additional hues that compliment the colors of the logo. It’s always best to avoid color schemes used by competitors to prevent being mistaken for another company.

Tying It All Together

The color scheme doesn’t have to end with the look of the trade show exhibit booth itself! Color can be used to extend the theme to the booth staff and promotional giveaway items as well. The team manning the booth should all wear shirts in the same color scheme as the booth’s graphics. This way, whether they’re inside the booth or working the floor, it’ll be easy for other attendees to tell which company they represent. Giveaway items such as pens, mints, lip balms, keychains, and other swag can be printed in the same color scheme, as long as the color makes sense for the item.

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