Exhibiting at a trade show, convention, or other high-profile event is an incredible marketing opportunity, but only when the exhibit is done right. Learn what it takes to draw people in and maximize the chances of finding new customers.

1. Create Appeal

Trade show exhibits that are pleasing to the eye with inviting colors, images, and design elements create appeal. People are more likely to stop by your booth and learn more if they like what they see. A polished look combined with friendly people produces a welcoming effect. Details like professional lighting, color-coordinated furniture, and digital monitors all help create a refined, cohesive design. View the Cardinal Expo online gallery for more ideas.

2. Find a Way to Interact

A great way to draw in attendees and keep them close is to include a fun, interactive element. Incorporate an activity, such as a game of trivia, a scavenger hunt, or a video game, to generate excitement. Give away prizes, ideally with the company name and contact information included. In addition to awarding a few large prizes, make sure everyone who stops by gets an inexpensive but fun promotional item to take home.

3. Include an Engaging Demo

Make the most of your trade show exhibit by educating consumers about the product or service being offered through a demo. Interactive touchscreens can be used, offering fun quizzes and engaging video content. Have someone with a friendly, outgoing personality demo the product. If a service is being offered, provide a strategic sample to show the benefits of this service.

When done correctly, trade show exhibits can generate excitement for the product or service offered and bring in new business. To ensure a smooth and successful trade show experience, turn to exhibit professionals you can trust. A reputable exhibit company can help with everything from creating winning designs to setting up a customized booth at the event. Request a free quote today!

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