There are certain items every presenter brings to a trade show: signage, business cards, and promotional items. Sometimes, exhibitors experience unexpected problems. Seasoned trade show presenters know to bring these additional items to be prepared for whatever comes their way.

Extra Electronics

Many trade show exhibits rely on electronic displays, which require cables and batteries. Technical glitches can be a disaster. Extra power strips, extension cords, A/V cables, and batteries are must-haves. Bluetooth speakers can also liven up an exhibit with brand-appropriate music that helps presenters stay energized.

Booth Supplies

Companies that own their booths should bring extra supplies to tackle setup and maintenance issues. Here are a few examples: duct tape for last-minute fixes, light bulbs for unexpected outages, or a small toolkit with extra hardware. Also, using cleaning wipes can keep exhibits looking their best, especially after taking them out of storage. However, hiring a trade show exhibit company can eliminate the need for many of these items.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit might not seem necessary at a trade show, but it’s easy to get a paper cut handing out pamphlets or a small scrape putting together a booth. After spending a long day talking to hundreds of people, there’s always a chance of getting a headache or stomachache. Pain relievers, allergy medications, and bandages should be brought along and stored away. A few other items to bring include hand sanitizer, lotion, lip balm, and a small sewing kit in case someone loses a button.

Office Supplies

Scissors, paper clips, staplers, and double-sided tape can help with booth setup and minor issues throughout the day. Pens tend to disappear, so keep plenty on hand, along with paper for a sign-in sheet. Heavy-duty packaging tape can help with setup and tear down.

Avoiding Last-Minute Problems

The best way to avoid having to bring all these items is using a trade show exhibit rental company. With Cardinal Expo, you don’t have to worry about a thing because we’ll set up, maintain, and tear down your exhibit. A representative will remain on-site with you to provide support and services throughout the day, and we can jump in if you face certain last-minute emergencies. Contact us for a free quote by calling 504-930-3545 or filling out our form!

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