Trade shows are a great way to touch base with existing clients, make connections with future clients, and establish brand recognition. However, they can also be expensive. Between airfare, hotel rooms, exhibitor fees, and a number of other necessary items, the costs can add up. Trade shows are still worth the effort, but lowering expenses is a smart strategy to get more bang for every buck. Trade show exhibit rentals, digital marketing, and creative giveaways are excellent tactics to make a significant impact on a small budget.

Concentrate on Social Media and Digital Marketing

A business that isn’t utilizing social media and digital marketing, in general, is doing themselves a huge disservice. This is especially true for conventions and trade shows. Every show will have dedicated social media channels and often will echo exhibitors’ content for free. Also, businesses can look up other attendees and try creative cross-promotion with participating companies.

Rent, Don’t Buy

Unless a business is going to a lot of trade shows, owning a display is not cost-effective. Not only does a company have to pay for the display, but they have to pay for transportation and storage when it’s not in use. Rentals also allow a business to scale up or down depending on their needs and budget for each event. Read more about the benefits of trade show exhibit rentals here.

Cut Back on Freebies

One of the most significant costs is branded swag like pens, cups, tote bags, and other items that exhibitors give away. These are a dime a dozen at trade shows, meaning they often aren’t valued enough to make an impact. It’s better to give a smaller number of more valuable items to attendees who are truly promising leads. If there are pens, cups, and other small swag items a business still insists on passing out, then keep them out of sight and only hand them out to inquiring visitors that are possibly interested in the business’ services. Not handing out those freebies to every passerby will cut costs!

Don’t let a limited budget stop you from getting the most out of a trade show. Cardinal Expo provides trade show exhibit rentals and exhibit services that can make your next exhibit eye-catching without costing you a fortune. We have fully customizable trade show essentials in America’s top convention locations. Call us today at 504-930-3545 for a free quote.

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