Trade shows are a great way for businesses to interact with potential clients and fellow industry members face-to-face. They allow a company to get its brand out there while measuring itself against the competition. To make the most of the event, participants need an eye-catching exhibit and talented brand ambassadors to work the booth, draw attendees in from the floor, and make connections that will help the business. However, smaller businesses often don’t have the internal staff to meet these personnel demands and need help filling the booth-staffing gap with outside contractors.

Where to Find Staffers

Depending on how many representatives a business needs and/or how specialized the personnel must be, the easiest option may be to go with a talent agency. Most trade shows will list an official agency available to vendors. The official agency is usually not the cheapest option, so shop around and get quotes from a few agencies. Be sure to provide as much detail upfront as possible about the type of staff needed. Does the trade show exhibit feature hi-tech equipment or require specific knowledge? Is the business going for a particular look? Answering these questions early will give the agency time to find the perfect personnel for any business’ needs.

Training and Preparation

It’s important for a business to make clear exactly what they expect of the people representing its brand. Ask a staffing contractor what kind of “boothmanship” training they provide (and check out these tips for more information on what should be covered in that training). Any contractor should be willing to let a business talk to their personnel directly to both get a feel for the people working the booth and to give any specific instructions about proper attire, attitude, and certain things to emphasize.

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