Trade shows offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect with a broad base of potential customers. Attendees are self-selecting future clients that are already interested in a given industry. An eye-catching display is a great way to bring customers in, but how does a business know what customers are attracted to? Before developing the booth, understanding the trade show demographic and a company’s buyer personas will help tailor the display to maximize its effect.

Defining a Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is essentially an idealized, collective version of a typical customer. The better a business understands the wants, needs, tastes, and tendencies of this “average” customer, the better they will be able to market to them. A good buyer persona breaks down a customer’s age range, gender (if applicable), job title, and education level. It should also include buying patterns and pain points, that is, the specific problems a business can solve for the customer.

Understanding Current Customers

The best guide to understanding future customers is focusing on current customers. A business should take the time to find out what attracted existing customers to their products or services, such as pricing, pain points met, and brand messaging. Once a business pinpoints these, they can create various buyer personas that reflect who they want to market to and what features they want to market to them.

The point of buyer personas is to understand what turns leads into customers, and existing customers are the best source of information on why people make that transition.

Reaching Buyer Personas at a Trade Show

Once multiple buyer personas are finalized, they should be used to decipher which trade shows the business should attend and its booth design. Would customers be more likely to attend a trade show in a rural or urban area? Would they be attracted to an interactive, hands-on display? Do they rely on visuals and graphics? Will they want to strike up small talk with the booth staff, or would they prefer cut and dry information about the product? Buyer personas should influence all aspects of trade show preparation and execution since these are the ideal customers a business is trying to reach.

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