Food & Beverage (F&B) trade shows are fantastic opportunities for caterers, specialty food purveyors, restaurateurs, and industry suppliers to showcase their brands. However, like other trade shows, F&B events attract lots of competition and appeal to an array of audiences. The key to success at these conferences is the presentation of one’s display. To stand out from the crowd, each presenter needs to create an exhibit that draws the attention of attendees. These tips form a useful guide for success with F&B trade show displays.

Set Clear Objectives

Whether a business’ goal is visibility, building clientele, or introducing a new concept, that should be the focus of its booth. Everything—from colors to flavors, plates to pairings—should support the exhibitor’s objectives rather than just being “tasty” or “pretty.”

Research the Venue, Event, and Attendees

Knowing to whom and where an exhibit will be presented is just as important as creating a unique display. Winning F&B booths fit harmoniously and invitingly into the allocated space, instead of appearing cramped or out of place.

Successful exhibitors explore the details of an event’s demographics and communicate with event organizers to get an accurate headcount to ensure that they bring an appropriate amount of food. Researching audience data also allows exhibitors to anticipate their needs and expectations (e.g., cultural themes, physical challenges, allergies) before the event begins.

Refresh Regularly, Clean Constantly

Even beautiful food will go uneaten if it’s in an unsanitary or unappealing environment. Plates and silverware must be clean, and displays should be kept clear of half-eaten food at all times. Décor elements like flowers, dessert trays, and napkins can add attractive color accents to the booth; these should be kept refreshed and stocked throughout the event. An F&B presentation should be welcoming to every attendee, regardless of when they visit the booth.

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