Seasoned trade show exhibitors know that having a strong booth design and appealing to passersby are great ways to ensure success at a trade show. However, there are also several pre-show strategies that can help get the word out and generate buzz long before it’s time to hit the floor. Here are a few approaches to consider to help gain leads ahead of an upcoming trade show.

Get the Word Out

In the months leading up to the show, it’s wise to reach out to any current and prospective clients who may attend. Getting in touch early ensures that everyone knows where to find one another at the show, and meetings and appointments can be scheduled before everyone is booked—this may also save a trip for a future client meeting. For exhibitors with limited resources or time, email and social media campaigns are a quick, easy way to get the word out to clients and prospects.

Put Together a Specific Strategy

While planning ahead for the show, exhibitors can also gather their sales teams and determine the biggest prospects and most important clients that will be present. Once these accounts have been identified, the team can begin to develop specific strategies that will appeal to them, including targeted marketing, unique exhibit elements, or even personalized gifts. Directly contacting these VIP prospects and clients ahead of time to schedule meetings can also be greatly beneficial.

Meet Nearby Exhibitors

Once event staff members have determined where vendors will be located on the trade show floor, meeting nearby exhibitors is a good way to better prepare for the show. Greet booth neighbors well ahead of the show and find out as much as possible about their booth designs, space needs, and whether they’ll have any flashy presentations or loud design elements. The fewer surprises on the day of the trade show, the easier it will be to gain leads and make important connections.

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