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Exhibit Design Portland, Oregon Will Notice

Want to make an impression with your trade show display in Portland? Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned exhibitor looking for expert exhibit design, our experienced team of professionals will provide you with the best trade show displays Portland, Oregon has to offer.

With Cardinal Expo, you can rent or purchase a custom trade booth that’s ready to go on show day. We provide full management services, including shipping and logistics, construction and deconstruction, warehouse storage, and more.

Save your time and energy for what matters most: preparing your team for a successful show. We’ll handle all the show regulations and logistics before, during, and after the expo, so you never have to take your eyes off the prize.

Customize Your Trade Show Displays in Portland, OR with Cardinal

When exhibiting at trade shows, it’s important to consider the city’s local flavor, your industry’s standards, and your audience’s expectations so you can put together an experience worth remembering. Cardinal’s team of experts are hand-picked to provide you with personalized trade show displays Portland showgoers will love.

Whether you’re renting or buying, indoors or outdoors, or exhibiting or putting on your own event, Cardinal Expo has you covered.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality exhibit rentals in the industry. We offer a variety of sizes, from our Portland 20’ x 20’ booth rentals to 10’ x 10’ exhibits and everything in between.

Not only do we provide exhibit design for Portland, Oregon shows, but we also build, ship, install, deconstruct, and store your booth as well. All you and your team need to do is bring your best performance on show day.

View our full list of pre-set exhibit rental sizes to learn more. If you don’t see the size you’re looking for, don’t worry! We can create a custom booth at any size.

Planning to exhibit at a show that has an outdoor component? You need to make sure that your setup has the specifications necessary to tackle the elements, including wind resistance, adequate coverage, and waterproof materials. With our outdoor and lightweight mobile displays, Cardinal Expo will help you cover all the bases necessary to deliver an outstanding outdoor display. 

If you’d like to learn more about designing an outdoor display with Cardinal, check out our catalog of outdoor and mobile displays. Whether you need protection from the wind, rain, cold, or heat, we’ll provide a safe and sturdy structure at any size.

Looking to put on an event on your own? Plan, design, and execute your own event with branded structures and materials from Cardinal Expo. Our trade show, conference, and expo expertise can lessen the burden of organizing your own corporate meeting or event. We’ll design, build, ship, and set up your kiosks, decorations, signage, and trade show displays in Portland.

Don’t wait to make the event of your dreams come true. Take a look at our products for corporate meetings and events to see how Cardinal can help make your meeting extraordinary.

Find the Right Size for Your Trade Show Displays in Portland

Trade show booths are not one-size-fits-all. There are many factors to keep in mind when planning your exhibit booth design, size, and layout.

How many visitors and staff do you need to fit? Are you focused on displaying products, performing demos, or engaging attendees in conversations? How much storage space do you need? Will you provide any games, prizes, or booth entertainment?

Among all these moving pieces, one thing remains constant: Cardinal Expo is here for you. Whether you know what size you want or you need a professional consultation, contact our experts today. We offer all of the sizes below and more, including fully customizable options.

Portland 10’ x 10’ Exhibit Rentals

If you’re just getting started with exhibiting or you’re trying out a new show in Portland, it may be in your best interest to start off small. Our Portland 10’ x 10’ exhibit rentals are the perfect way to test new designs, layouts, goals, or shows, and still offer your business plenty of room to make your exhibiting experience worthwhile. Don’t let their size deceive you: you can still get plenty of use out of a 10’ x 10’ exhibit booth if it’s used to its full potential. Cardinal Expo’s design team will work with you to ensure that your booth space is used as efficiently as possible, allowing your Portland trade show display to compete with even larger booths.

Portland 10’ x 20’ Exhibit Rentals

Looking for something a little more robust than a 10’ x 10’ exhibit? We offer Portland 10’ x 20’ exhibit rentals that act as the perfect middle ground for any business looking to expand their presence at their next trade show or expo. 10’ x 20’ exhibit booths offer you options as to how you want to utilize your space. Need to make room for demos, storage, or meeting space? Maybe you want to use your booth’s size to draw attention with bold design and attention-grabbing products. A 10’ x 20’ exhibit booth can help you focus on meeting several goals with your space, whether you just need exhibit design in Portland or for several shows across the U.S.

Portland 20’ x 20’ Booth Rentals

Our Portland 20’ x 20’ booth rentals are here for any organization looking to make a splash at their next trade show. A bigger booth means never having to choose between your biggest goals. No matter if you’re looking to sell products, network, or meet with clients, a 20’ x 20’ exhibit booth is sure to turn heads and lead visitors to your company’s exhibit. With the assistance of Cardinal Expo’s team of professionals, you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your booth and its surplus of space. Even better, we’ll handle fabrication, shipping, installation, and dismantling so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Portland Double Deck Trade Show Displays

If you’re not satisfied with the space you’ve been given for your trade show booth, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. Let’s be honest: trade shows can get cramped. This leaves you squeezing into small spaces with your booth or settling for a more secluded location. Our Portland double deck trade show displays are a great way to get the best out of your allotted space at expos. With the added verticality, you can nearly double your effective floor space—not to mention the extra attention you can grab from having a tall booth. Double deck displays are an excellent way to maximize the space at hand and turn heads at your next trade show.

Why Exhibit in Portland, Oregon?

It comes as no surprise that Portland, Oregon is a city brimming with opportunity. Portland is a cultural landmark of the Pacific Northwest teeming with events, expos, and other opportunities to get your brand’s name out there. Its unique combination of nature, metropolitan areas, and a fresh and exciting culture make Portland a destination any business should have on their radar. Portland has become a hub for software, technology, and even the metals and materials industries. With such a robust business landscape, the opportunities for the growth and development of your brand are endless.
In addition to Portland’s diverse landscape of industry and development, its identity as a cultural hub has become more pronounced over recent years. Quickly finding its place as a leader in cultural industries such as coffee, art, and the restaurant industry, the city offers a space for many different professionals looking to network and grow their own businesses with exciting exhibit design in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Trade Shows, Events, and Expos

Attendees at the 2022 Experience Power conference mingle among exhibition booths.

The Timber Processing and Energy Expo

The Timber Processing and Energy Expo is Portland’s premier trade show in the wood products and wood-based energy field. Held every other year in the Portland Expo Center, this event houses exhibitors from across the world in the energy field. It’s also supported by Timber Processing magazine, Wood Bioenergy magazine, Panel World magazine, and Hatton-Brown Expositions, giving it an impressive reach within the industry.

Specialty Coffee Expo

The Specialty Coffee Expo will take place in Portland, Oregon on April 21–23, 2023. As the biggest coffee expo in North America, this trade show brings together more than 400 exhibitors from around the world. In 2022, there were around 7,000 American attendees and nearly 2,000 international attendees. This wide reach makes it an excellent opportunity to invest in trade show displays Portland showgoers will notice in order to help meet your goals, whether it’s to make sales, showcase new products, share the latest trends in the industry, or network within the coffee community.
Conference attendees enter the Geo Week exhibition hall.
Attendees at the 2022 Experience Power conference mingle among exhibition booths.

Northwest Machine Tool Expo

The Northwest Machine Tool Expo is the premier machining and manufacturing event in the Northwest region. The event features free educational sessions and a bustling exhibit floor. Don’t miss this biennial opportunity to make connections and close deals with key players in the industry.

Get the Best Trade Show Displays Portland, Oregon Has to Offer from Cardinal

Getting ready to exhibit can be a full-time job all on its own if you don’t have help. Logistics, booth design, construction, lighting, electrical, rigging, drayage, and everything else that goes into planning an exhibit can get in the way of your usual work and responsibilities. Add that on top of filling out paperwork, researching show regulations, and keeping track of deadlines, and there’s little time left to actually prepare your team to work the show floor. That’s why Cardinal Expo is here to help. We offer full-service booth management for every exhibit rental or purchase. This means that we’ll handle your booth’s design, fabrication, shipping, assembly, disassembly, storage, and overall project management. We’ll also assist with any paperwork, coordinate third-party show services such as lighting and electrical, and keep track of show regulations, deadlines, and early bird discounts on your behalf. We pride ourselves on doing exceptional work, ensuring that the only thing you and your team need to worry about is getting to the convention hall on show day. Contact us below for a free quote and consultation about our end-to-end services and exhibit design for Portland, Oregon trade shows.

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