7 Reasons to Rent

Cardinal Expo’s Rental Process

Renting your exhibit may be a viable option, as well as the wisest choice for your Trade Show success. Consider the following seven reasons why renting may be the best option for your company.

1. Cost:  Plain and simple, renting costs less!  Although not cast in cement a fairly accurate formula to use when comparing purchasing to renting is that purchasing a booth is usually around three times more than renting one.  In addition, the following (A – C) are included in the price of the rental whereas if the booth is purchased then these same costs are not built into the purchase price.

A) Installation and Dismantle Included: Cardinal Expo will install and dismantle your exhibit for no additional charge in most locations.                                       

B) Freight To and From Show Included in Rental: Cardinal Expo coordinates outbound and inbound shipping, saving you the hassle and cost

C) No Storage Expense:  Storing a booth can be expensive.  When you rent from Cardinal Expo there is no storage expense.

2. Budget and Image: Renting allows you to spend your budget on the items that truly impact the success of the show such as graphics and messaging.

3. Flexibility: Different shows bring in different kinds of attendees. Renting offers the flexibility of changing your exhibit’s structure and graphics to strategically reach your targeted attendees from show-to-show.

4. Trial Run:  Renting offers the benefit of testing a booth before you invest in its purchase. 

5. Overlapping Shows: Multiple shows on overlapping dates; renting offers the flexibility to rent at more than one show at a time.

6. Upgrades: Company growth and time brings change and the important need for flexibility. Renting your exhibit gives you the freedom to make changes – your resources aren’t tied up in structure! If your display is looking old and needs a fresh look then for a minimal investment you can give your booth its needed face-lift with new messaging and graphics. If you have the opportunity to move into a larger space, you can. Your resources are free to meet your needs, as they arise.

7. Rental discounts: When a client commits to two or more exhibit rentals Cardinal Expo will provide discounts for future rentals.